100 Day Assessment for Trump is Unfair, and We Can Prove It

100 day assessment for TrumpThe standard for judging an incoming president is what they achieve in their first 100 days of office.

However, is that the fairest way to prove a leader’s effectiveness? After all, they have quite a long term to go after only 100 days.

Right now, President Trump has failed to pass any major initiatives that would make him stand out among predecessors—even Obama. However, he tweeted his thoughts about how ridiculous this standard of 100 days is.

While some would say he was mindlessly complaining, others agree with his sentiments. After all, history and looking through the records of 100-day marks for past presidents proves it is an unwarranted standard.

What Landmark Law Happens in 100 Days in Office?


When one looks at the widely accepted measures, landmark legislation in the first 100 days has rarely happened since Franklin D. Roosevelt’s term. In fact, the only presidents who successfully passed historic legislation in the first 100 days were Obama and Johnson.

It was also less likely, according to The Washington Post, that a president would not pass anything during their first term. In total, there were only 31 landmarks enacted in the first term, with Kennedy, Bush, and Obama passing the most. Clinton came in second and Johnson came in third with four.

So Why the Disappointment?

Most of the frustration towards President Trump stems from what he said in the election versus what he has done.

He had no problems highlighting the countless failures of his predecessors, but now reality has set in. Trump cannot do the things he promised as quickly because he does not hold the power Trump assumed he had.

Furthermore, Trump was new and different, so there was interest to see him succeed. Many placed unrealistic standards for Trump in the first 100 days, says NPR.

During the campaign, the spark of Trumpism was all about social conservatism and isolationism. However, some theorize Trump didn’t hold these values or beliefs; instead, he only said what the press and people wanted to hear — not what he planned on doing.

What the Polls Show for Trump

Despite how history proves that no one succeeds in those first 100 days, Trump’s polls are not looking so great. In fact, only 14% of Americans think he is off to a great start, while 45% consider his performance “poor,” reported NBC News.

How does that compare to others? Obama received 61% approval in the first 100 days, while Clinton carried 52%.

Hang in There Trump—Good News is on the Way

While many are ready to crucify Donald Trump and his lack of action, the pro-Trump caucus is not necessarily holding the seat of Congress. Sure, the house majority goes to the Republican party, but that does not mean the Republicans in the House are with Trump. In fact, Trump has found opposition within his party, making it next to impossible to pass anything, including tax reform and health care initiatives.

Once Trump gets a grip on his new position, however, many feel he will come back swinging —much like his history of business has shown.