5 Men Wanted by Police after Brooklyn Playground Gang Rape

Brooklyn playground gang rape5 men are being sought by law enforcement after being involved in a Brooklyn Playground gang rape committed against an 18-year old woman.

The vicious sexual assault took place on Thursday, January 7, just a few minutes after 11 p.m., in Brownsville, a residential neighborhood located in New York City.

The victim, whose identity hasn’t been disclosed to the public, was taking a stroll accompanied by her father through Osborn Playground, close to the handball court.

That’s when the pair was attacked by a group of 5 male perpetrators, believed to be in their twenties and thirties. One of the men, who was wearing black pants, a dark-colored hoodie and a red winter jacket, wielded a weapon, and aimed it straight at the young girl’s father, forcing him to leave them alone with her.

Subsequently, the group proceeded to sexually abuse the defenseless teenager, molesting her one by one, and threatening her with their handgun in order to prevent her from showing any resistance.

The girl’s father managed to call 911, and reported the assault, but despite being promptly dispatched, first responders still got to the playground too late to still apprehend the culprits.

The men had already fled the scene, so the focus was on the rape victim, who was administered first aid, and was afterwards transported by an ambulance to Kings County Hospital.

The girl, whose condition was described as “stable” upon her admittance to the Brooklyn clinic, received medical treatment for her injuries, and has eventually been discharged from hospital.

As locals point out, Osborn Playground theoretically closes at sunset, yet the gates of this green space area remain wide open, allowing visitors to still take walks at late hours.

This is actually greatly hazardous, especially when considering that the playground is extremely poorly lit, and park enforcement officers seldom patrol it, in order to ensure the pedestrians’ safety.

As explained by Geoffrey Croft, president of the non-profit organization New York City Park Advocates, there have been a total of 500 violent misdemeanors and felonies throughout the city’s parks in 2015, and the number of rapes has increased by around 6.3%.

However, security measures have remained lax, with green spaces remaining unlocked during the night, despite the absence of patrol officers.

Law enforcement has launched an investigation into this latest gang rape, issuing no comments regarding the need to protect park visitors more efficiently.

Footage believed to show the 5 rapists was captured by surveillance cameras in a nearby liquor store, shortly before the sexual assault occurred.

The evidence, which appears to show 5 African-American mean wearing sweatshirts and blazers, is currently being examined by detectives, and has also been released to the public, in the hope that potential clues revealing the men’s identity can be retrieved from the video.

Anyone with relevant information regarding the case, which might assist in arresting the perpetrators and bring them to justice, should immediately contact Brooklyn police or NYPD Crime Stoppers at 800-577-TIPS.

Image Source: True News USA