Amy Schumer’s Netflix Special Gets Trashed by Reviewers

Amy Schumer’s Netflix Special Gets Trashed by Reviewers

“Horribly unfunny” is just one comment made about Amy Schumer ’s new Netflix special, The Leather Special. So far, critics have rated the show as a “dud” and a one-star performance.

At the start of her routine, Schumer explains why she is wearing a tight, leather outfit, and tells the audience that every comic has a leather moment, and the show was hers.

However, Schumer did not realize that her comment would carry so much weight and did not realize that it was her weak moment in show business.

A Highly-Anticipated Flop

Schumer’s show was highly anticipated, but turned out to be heavily disappointing. Netflix has received an enormous amount of negativity, and user reviews are less than friendly.

The show started streaming just last week, and as more viewers are watching it, the negative reviews keep pouring in. Some reviewers even stated that they barely made it ten minutes into the show before turning it off, and many gave it a one star out of five without any comment.

One viewer stated that the show was “So Bad!! I did stay and watch the whole show in hopes that it would get better, and it didn’t.”

Another reviewer posted “This is as funny as an autopsy…as graphic and as funny as I would image a public beheading to be.”

Another went on to say “Absolutely horrible. Amy is 1 special away from being broke and homeless.”

Some viewers took their comments to Twitter about the show, including comments like “Amy Schumer’s new Netflix comedy special is laughably bad, which is the only laugh you’ll get from it.”

1,200 User Reviews with a 1.5 Star Rating Average

Overall, the show has received over 1,200 user reviews, and the average star rating was only 1.5.

It’s not just viewers who have shared negative comments about the special. In fact, TV critics have left Schumer extremely negative reviews, too. The LA Times stated that the show was too over-the-top, and that it relied on overly-explicit themes.

Newsday called the show “too much,” and Detroit News listed the show as “funny, but predictable.”

The special was announced by Netflix in January and it aired this March. At the time, Netflix called the special fearless and hilarious, highlighting how Schumer’s bold voice in comedy was perfect for the users of Netflix and their global comedy fans.

Unfortunately, it seems that the show was not as much of a hit with the public as Netflix had hoped. Schumer amplified her usual raunchiness, yet in a non-classy way. Many felt that she was trying too hard with her R-rated content, which made the show over-the-top without any need for doing so.

The show is still available and streaming on Netflix, but there is no telling how long it will remain available if Netflix continues to see negative ratings and comments.