Mass Effect: Andromeda Won’t Get Any Single Player DLC

Mass Effect: Andromeda Won’t Get Any Single Player DLC

A recent Facebook post claimed a single player expansion for Mass Effect: Andromeda had been canceled. The post turned out to be a hoax, but BioWare, the developer of the game, stepped up to say that it would neither be releasing nor developing such kind of expansions for the game.

BioWare Montreal staff moves to work on other titles

Each game in the Mass Effect series benefited from some sort of single player DLC. However, three trustworthy sources say Andromeda will receive nothing of the sort. It seems that the game didn’t have the expected success, so a report released by Kotaku in April states the franchise is currently on hiatus.

In the meantime, most of the staff from BioWare Montreal, where Andromeda has been developed, will be moved to other studios in Austin and Edmonton. This is done to prepare the release of the new title announced at E3, Anthem, and to work on other projects. However, the Montreal studio won’t be completely deserted, as Andromeda will continue receiving patches.

The post was a hoax, but Andromeda still gets no single player DLC

Recently, a post by an unknown studio which called itself Sinclair Networks appeared on Facebook and claimed BioWare canceled the single player DLC for Andromeda. Fernando Melo, the producer of the game, stepped up to comment.

He said the post was a hoax, since there is actually no video game studio going by the name Sinclair Networks. However, the bad news it the fact that they were actually right. There won’t be any single player DLC for the latest Mass Effect game.

“While we can’t talk about future yet, I can [definitely] say we build our own DLC/patches for our games and don’t hire fake companies to do so.”

However, certain rumors circulated regarding a possible DLC. These rumors indicated that the DLC might focus on the journey of the Quarians to the Andromeda galaxy. This race was present in the first three Mass Effect games, but was not featured in the latest title.
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