Apple Comes Out with WatchOS 3

Apple Comes Out with WatchOS 3

For gadget enthusiasts and especially for Apple fans this is an exciting time. There is news this week in the wearables department. Apple released watchOS 3, the third version of its wrist-screen interface.

Worldwide, the Apple watch is second to Rolex when it comes to worldwide sales. An achievement that the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook mentioned at the launch event this September. So there is a lot of expectation for what the watchOS 3 can do.

Better than Previous Versions

So far, it looks like third time will be a charm for Apple users. They have been waiting on their favorite company to deliver a user experience that would be up to their high standards. And it looks like the watchOS 3 doesn’t disappoint.

Previous versions of the watchOS had issues that hindered its functionality. Some of the things that users complained about were slow launch times for apps, particularly third-party apps. Other things were odd interface choices. Also to be mentioned is the fact that certain workouts gave you inaccurate data regarding your heart rate.

However, the new watchOS claims to have fixed all these issues. Hopefully, those kind of negative user experiences will remain in the past.

The new watchOS 3 is very much an improved version of its past watchOS 1 and 2. The team at Apple didn’t just fix issues. They also came out with new features. Reviews are largely positive, saying that the watch is now finally a coherent part of the large family that is Apple products.

There are noticeable improvements when it comes to speed. The watchOS 3 is faster than its previous versions. There are also new fitness profiles and a new, revised interface that is more aligned to other Apple devices.

New Features

The watchOS 3 has a stronger emphasis on activities and fitness. The Workout app features additional profiles for more activities, like strength training, hiking or basketball. The new Workout app allows for the watch to display more metric details. When it comes to running, you can now pause your workout. The workout just resumes when you start moving again.

Apple has tried to integrate social features to your fitness activities. After you complete a workout or you earn an achievement, the watch can send alerts to a list of people that you specify. After receiving those alerts, your friends can talk back to you. The social feature should help users stay motivated and connected to their social circles.

To install watchOS 3 you need to open the Watch app on your iPhone. Your iPhone has to be running iOS 10 for that. You tap General, then tap Software Update and then you follow the prompts on the screen. You should prepare for the software update by making sure that the watch has over half of its battery life and is connected to the charger. Also, the watch needs to be near your iPhone. The new operating system is going to download and then transfer. The watch is then going to update itself. How long it takes depends on download speeds. But it’s safe to say that it takes longer than an hour.


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