Apple Is Rumored to Launch a 4-Inch iPhone These Months

apple 4-inch iphoneApple is rumored to launch a 4-Inch iPhone these months. A larger device is not necessarily better, and some speculations suggest that Apple’s next venture into the iPhone style will be a more compact one. The upcoming iPhone will probably have a screen of only 4”, which is an “enhanced” model called iPhone 5se that will arrive in March, according to tech sources.

This return to the small sized iPhone indicates that the company is not simply forcing out larger mobile phones (due to a bigger screen) that have been popular among its opponents, but recognizes there still is a segment for more compact gadgets.

Apple’s strategy to decrease its iPhone’s dimension could be perceived as a return to the older user tech viewpoint. For many years, success was about shrinking computer systems from the dimension of a whole laboratory, to a PC, then to a user’s lap and lastly to hand-held devices.

This trend was reversed when it achieved the size of a little iPod Nano media player, as customers wanted displays big enough to see videos and control touch-screen gadgets. A 4” iPhone would possibly make some customers with smaller hands and on a tight budget very happy.

However, there is a reason why mobile devices keep getting larger: they are sold better, according to experts in the industry. Most customers do not seem to be bothered when use both hands to manage their device.

Then why is Apple testing more compact gadgets again? this could partially come from an increasing interest in mobile technological innovations for wearables, which already guarantees a new type of comfort, as some customers noticed.

The big advantage is that a smart watch is touching the users’ skin, so they will not skip any notification. This gadget can be worn without actually having to touch the screen and it helps people to multi-task.

Many owners of the Apple Watch do not use all its available functions, but rather they wear it as the perfect partner for their iPhone. The company may be trying the smaller type of phone as a predecessor to further tests with how people are hoping to be connected via modern technologies.

Apple has made popular current tech innovations numerous times: with its Macintosh computer system in 1984, with the iPod media player in 2001, with iPhone first-gen in 2007 and finally with its iPad tablet in 2010.

The release of a Apple Watch indicates a bigger plan and major objectives in case that wearable devices will soon conquer the market. Apple has not been the only producer playing with its device’ dimensions and functions.

Microsoft has launched a 12” Surface Pro as the product that can substitute a laptop. Tech journals provided the gadget top scores, although some experts have written that Microsoft’s initiatives to force the consumer model for how gadgets should be utilized, like Apple does, sees mixed results.

This Microsoft Surface series of tablets of pills was fairly divisive, according to specialists. For every true fan of these gadgets, there are some doubters who do not believe that these products can really replace the current laptops.

Image source: Appleinsider