Apple Music Is One Step Closer to Spotify with 11 Million Users

Apple Music is one step closer to Spotify with 11 million users, gained over just seven months.

Apple Music is one step closer to Spotify with 11 million users, as representatives from the major company have announced at the end of last week.

The milestone was made public by Eddy Cue and Craig Federighi, senior vice presidents of Apple, during “The Talk Show” podcast held by John Gruber. The two gave an interview on several aspects of the company, but also on the impressive number of Apple Music subscribers.

This milestone appears to have been expected by market experts, especially since Apple reached ten million subscribers only last month, as reported by the Financial Times. The growth can only point towards the fact that this virtual music industry is gaining more and more popularity.

Mark Mulligan, media analyst, has stated that even though the company is doing great work for music streaming, at the same time the number of downloads will decline. Furthermore, at the current rate of Apple Music, the service has great potential and can even become the most subscribed next year.

Apple Music might even have chances of surpassing Spotify, which is currently the leader in online music streaming. Last summer, the service has reached twenty million subscribers.

However, what stands out in the case of Apple is its speed. The company has gained users at a dizzying speed, much faster than any other service. For instance, Spotify started out in the United States back in July 2011. Three years later, it reached ten million subscribers. On the other side, Apple Music was introduced in June 2015 and has reached the same number of subscribers in only seven months. This is precisely why the service is expected to become the leader in the near future.

The difference between the two seems to stand in their business plans. Spotify offers its services for free, while trying to convince those users to start paying for more features. Therefore, the platform has twenty million paying users and 75 million free subscribers. On the other hand, Apple Music starts with a trial that lasts for three months, after which the users have no other option but start paying. By adding the paying and free users of Apple Music, it seems there are one billion people that have installed it on their devices.

Apple Music is one step closer to Spotify with 11 million users, and it seems it will become the highest ranked platform of its kind as soon as next year.

Image Source: Crave Online