Asteroid Will Pass Close by Earth

NASA has announced that an asteroid will pass close by Earth in March.

While flying objects from space seldom enter the atmosphere of our planet, an asteroid will pass close by Earth next month. However, NASA has stated that the probability of it colliding with the planet is very small.

The asteroid is expected to fly so close to Earth that humans will be able to see it on the sky with no special equipment. The space government agency is still trying to determine the exact trajectory of the flying object. Doomsdayers are once again predicting the end of the world, or at least some massive damage.

The asteroid named 2013 TX68 has already passed by our planet three years ago, and has a diameter of 30 meters. Back in 2013, scientists were able to follow its course for three days after which it disappeared in the night sky. Recently, NASA has spotted 2013 TX68 once more and it seems the asteroid will come as close as 11,000 miles from Earth, which is about the twentieth part of the distance to the Moon.

The manager of the Centre for Near Earth Object Studies of NASA, Paul Chodas, has previously stated that people should not be alarmed by the passing of the asteroid. Its approach is not expected to have any effect on our planet or the atmosphere. His statement was also confirmed by scientists from the Center for NEO Studies of NASA who are currently investigating 2013 TX68 at the Jet propulsion laboratory located in Pasadena, California. Chodas added that their telescopes might be able to monitor its trajectory and thus gather more information on the asteroid’s orbit.

The asteroid might return sometime in 2017, but in the future the probability of a collision is even smaller. Experts expect those probabilities to reduce as the future dates approach.

In spite of this information, people usually tend to fear what they cannot control. Not to mention that every now and then debris from space does reach Earth. Only last weekend a man was killed in India after he was hit by the debris shot by a small object that dropped from the sky. Officials have yet to determine the origin of the object. And let’s not forget the show put on by the meteor that exploded in a fiery blaze over Russia in 2013. Although it did not cause any catastrophic damage, it managed to injure 1,600 people.

It seems that we do not have enough reasons to worry that an asteroid will pass close by Earth, since it is not expected to cause any damage.

Image Source: Amos News