Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner Officially File for Divorce

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner Officially File for Divorce

About two years after initially announced their split, Hollywood actors Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner have officially filed for divorce. According to reports, the actors filed the documents together and also want joint legal and physical custody of their three children. The date of their separation as well as the property division have yet to be determined.

Going separate ways

Reportedly, both Affleck and Garner filed their documents without any on-the-record attorney. Moreover, they specified the fact that each of them want to keep any earnings they made since the separation, in order to not affect the settlement. A source familiar with the family said that they did everything as friends, in the children’s best interest. Ben Affleck and Jennifer garner initially announced that they would go their separate ways on June 30, 2015.

According to some other source, despite some reports from the press according to which they may have reconciled, the couple always wanted to divorce. That was the end of the line. They only preferred to do it amicably, without any scandal. They also wanted to try and make their children understand the situation. Back in 2015, the former couple released an official statement in which they announced their separation, after 10 years of marriage. They also announced the divorce in that statement. However, it is only now that they finally decided to file the documents.

Rumors about a reconciliation

However, over the following months, both actors fueled some rumors about a reconciliation. They continued to live together in the same house. Also, they helped each other with the children (Violet, 11, Seraphina, 8, and Samuel, 5), and were often seen going out together, as a family. Sources also said that the actors spent the Christmas holidays together, in Montana.

Back in December, Affleck praised Jennifer Garner for what an amazing mother she is. He also said that the births of their children were his most defining moments in life. Earlier this month, Ben Affleck completed an alcohol addiction rehab. After that, paparazzi immediately saw him with the children and Jennifer, behaving like a family. Now, it seems like it all led to an amicable divorce.

Image source: radioiasi