Bill O’Reilly Could Get $25 Million from Amended Contract

Bill O'Reily with soldiers

      Bill O’Reilly Could Get $25 Million from Amended Contract

According to some sources, the ousted Fox News host Bill O’Reilly could receive as much as $25 million. This could happen because his amended contract supposedly says that he must receive one year’s salary. Neither Fox, nor O’Reilly’s attorney commented on the matter. This situation comes right after on Wednesday, 21th Century Fox, the channel’s parent company, made the official announcement that its star host, Bill O’Reilly, would not return to his show on Fox News.

Problems for O’Reilly

This entire scandal began when The New York Times issued a report according to which Bill O’Reilly along with Fox offered $13 million to settle five cases of sexual harassment allegations against the host. He strongly denied all the claims. On Wednesday, he even issued an official statement in which he calls what happened “disheartening” and declares himself very disappointed. Especially that the situation had to end like this on the base of some completely untrue claims. He blamed everything on his public person status and on the people who would do anything to destroy his reputation.

Moreover, about 80 major brands reportedly withdrew their advertisements from O’Reilly’s show, “The O’Reilly Factor”. The companies said that they refused to associate their name with someone accused of sexual harassment.

Saying goodbye

Bill O’Reilly was supposed to return to his show after being on vacation for about a week. In the meantime, the channel announced the decision to end the host’s contract and part ways. It is interesting to note that in a memo which circulated on Wednesday, Fox is stating that it decided to give up on their star host after consulting with an outside counsel.

According to the memo, in terms of rating over the years, O’Reilly is almost unbeatable. He is one of the most successful and accomplished TV personalities in the world. Also, in the history of cable news shows. However, the memo also said that Fox News will undoubtedly remain a strong force in what concerns this area of interest, with or without Bill O’Reilly. The channel has multiple times proved that it is extremely professional and talented in this regard. The memo ended with a statement according to which Fox News wants a work environment in which trust and respect are the most important.

Image source: wikimedia