Blu Life One X Brings Great Specs at An Affordable Price

blu life-one-xBlu Life One X brings great specs at an affordable price. The US company’s device arrived at the end of last year, a tech season that brought an amazing number of top-quality, lower-cost mobile phones. However, thanks to the modern mixture of style, components and software, this easily overrules all of the previous favorite devices in the budget range.

Motorola’s G model no longer seems a great deal in comparison to the Blu One X. This offers a slimmer style and a clearer display, complemented by similarly strong camera features and the commitment of Android Marshmallow 6.0 for an equal cost.

This makes the new item a preferred choice for affordable cell gadgets and the budget device that has to be beaten in 2016. There is nothing about this new phone that looks and seems cheap. The gadget has an elegant metallic structure with a nice matte texture to it.

And it is amazingly thin, at only 5.9”x2.9”x0.3” (HWD) and with a weight of just 5 oz. This compact dimension makes the Motorola G seem large in comparison. The gadget has clicky volume control and power buttons on one part of the product, a 3.5 mm headset slot on top, along with the micros USB port for charging at the bottom.

Its soft-touch rear panel (that is available in white or black) has a classy faux-leather appearance, similar to the Samsung Note 4. The back cover can be taken off to show a couple of slots for your dual SIM cards, besides the microSD which can be loaded with 200 GB of data.

Unfortunately, the phone’s 2,900-mAh battery is enclosed in the back frame. The relatively large 5.2” IPS LCD screen is color rich, clear and sharp. The 1,920×1,080 resolution is amazing for a mobile device at this low cost.

It has 420 ppi, which is a considerably higher pixel density than either Alcatel’s One Contact 3 with 40 ppi and Moto G at 330 ppi. True colors are particularly excellent, the display is still sharp during sunny days and Blu added some features that let users to modify sharpness, contrast or color temperature as they prefer.

Blu’s One X works on a mid-range chipset from Mediatek, which gets above average in overall performance or gaming functions. The headset works on HSPA+ and LTE bands, allowing it strong LTE connections.

It contains bands that can be often left out on other cost-effective cellular phones, like the T-Mobile Band 12 or AT&T Band 17, these allowing better indoor connections. Unfortunately, the device is lacking Band 5 in AT&T’s connectivity, but other LTE bands in the big cities still have powerful system efficiency.

Voice phone calls are usually good, with its noise cancellation options instantly blocking any background sound. The phone has Bluetooth support, but it does not offer feature for dual-band wireless and NFC connections, which are unusual at this cost anyway. Also, it is no surprise that its only rear-facing speaker is low and weak, even if wired or Bluetooth sounds are just fine.

Image source: Phonearena