Brave is the Browser that Lets Users Pay Their Favorite Advertisers

brave ad browserBrave is the browser that lets users pay their favorite advertisers. This is a period when online marketers and the companies that pay them to be advertised are desperate for new solutions to the possibly critical risk posed by ad blockers.

One of today’s most experienced app designers is presenting a new web browser along with a solid financial design that could entirely change the financial aspects of Internet marketing. The system, which was revealed this week by one of Mozilla’s creators, is named Brave.

The browser presents improved features that bypass traditional ad providing and redirects their positions on users’ web browsers with advertising produced by Brave in partnership with SSP Sonobi, but this idea is not completely new.

Previously, “ad injector” designs have successfully blocked ads generated by online marketers and replaced them with ads published by the application designer. These programs have been usually applied by dubious people working on the side of Internet ad domain and their purposes are not explained correctly to customers who download their apps.

What is different about the new strategy is that this makes its bypass or redirect features explicit to clients, promoters, organizations and marketers, and most significantly, promises to offer them a share from all the income it produces.

The money is not just split with the advertisers, but some percentage will be shared with the customers too, Brave’s founders explained in their briefing. They added that the money going directly to the people will probably not buy them expensive things, but this is a way of recognizing that users are an important part of this economical structure.

The primary purpose they consider customers will accept the browser’s design is that it represents and improved permission-based method for people to redirect revenues back to a preferred marketer. Brave will split most of the income it generates to advertisers taking into consideration the users’ online surfing choices.

The company is also looking for pay-wall strategies that would allow people to pay marketers straight, because the idea of this new browser system is to offer its customers more control with an improved experience.

The browsing sessions will be superior to what they have been receiving from present and former online browsers, in addition to discovering financial solutions against ad blockers. Among the competitors of Brave is the giant Mozilla, the organization that Brave’s founder, Brendan Eich, helped develop after creating a series of important software for the Internet.

One of these programs was JavaScript, which was created while working at Netscape, so Eich wants to bring the next-gen of customer browsing experience. Brave has various technological features that guarantee to improve the way in which people surf the websites.

He stated that the new software is much better, quicker and more advanced when it comes to loading sites for customers than the other current popular browsers created by from Google, Mozilla, Apple or Microsoft.

But Brave’s officials added that their browser is connected to two elements that distinguish its consumer experience from all others, along with “data vaults” for each person, and “digital wallets” utilizing digital crypto currencies for online transactions.

Image source: Malwaretips