British Prime Minister Wants Stronger Economic Ties between India and UK

British Prime Minister Wants Stronger Economic Ties between India and UK

The British Prime Minister Theresa May is on a trip to India that will last for two days. The focus of her trip is expanding international trade for the UK. It is the first time the new British Prime Minister goes on such a trip. For Theresa May, it is a welcome interruption in her schedule back home. At the time, she has to deal with the court ruling regarding Article 50 that says she will need to seek the approval of Parliament to trigger the Brexit. On her trip to India, she talked about the economic ties between India and UK. The British Prime Minister argued for stronger ties between the two countries.

The UK Looking Towards a Future Trade Deal with India

The British Prime Minister Theresa May visited a technology summit in New Delhi together with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Theresa May spoke about the things that bring India and the UK together. She said that a partnership between the two countries was something natural since India and UK share so much culturally.

“We can break down barriers and make it easier to do business,”

said British Prime Minister Theresa May.

The United Kingdom is looking at expanding trade beyond the trading partners that it already has in Europe. As the country prepares to leave the European Union, it is looking at trade opportunities elsewhere. However, the Brexit process is going to take a long time. So, for a while, the UK will not be able to finalize any trade deals on its own. Since it is still, de facto, an EU member state, the UK cannot sign any trade deals on its own. But it can carry out preliminary discussions regarding trade. The UK has already started to do that, courting Australia and now, India. The country is one of the major economies of the world that are growing at a fast pace. The UK sees plenty of opportunities here.

A Trade Deal Would Take a Long Time

However, a trade deal between India and UK would not be easily achieved. It will likely take years of negotiations to complete. India would like to see easier visa requirements for Indian students that want to enter the UK. Theresa May defended the British system and said that it worked well. She added that the UK is looking to attract the best that India has to offer to its higher learning institutions. But, that at the same time the country has an interest in keeping immigration figures down.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi raised the issue briefly. He said that the engagement between India and the UK will be defined by education.

“We must therefore encourage greater mobility and participation of young people in education and research opportunities,”

said Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

British Prime Minister Theresa May took the opportunity of the India trip to announce investments in several Indian companies. She made the point that she would like the UK to be an advocate for free trade at an international level. Theresa May argued that free trade would bring stability and prosperity to both India and UK.

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