Cancer Might Be Caused by Artificial Turf

 Cancer might be caused by artificial turf, but a future study will reveal whether this is true or not.

It appears that cancer might be caused by artificial turf that is putting players at risk. Most playing fields are made from artificial rubber turf, and thus a federal investigation will take place in order to determine the truth.

The new study has been already approved by the Obama administration, and will attempt to discover whether the tire materials can truly affect players to such an extent as to actually cause them cancer. The investigation will be conducted by three federal agencies: EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), CDC (Centers for Disease Control) and CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission).

The investigations will focus on crumb rubber turf and its effects, be them negative or positive or none at all. The agencies will try to determine whether people who are exposed to the material are more likely to suffer from health issues.

Artificial fields made of rubber crumbs are widespread all over the United States. Sports fields are equipped with those in order to provide a better traction and cushion for any kind of sport. Unfortunately, anyone who plays on such a field might be prone to developing cancer.

However, as USA Today has reported last year, the material is also used in numerous schools, daycare centers and playgrounds, which means children are also exposed to its effects. Since those fields made from artificial turf also contain lead in high amounts, children can be harmed by them.

EPA spokeswoman Laura Allen has stated that the team that will conduct the study will include about fifty federal employees. The research is funded with $2 million.

But where did this idea come from? It seems that last year the soccer coach from the University of Washington has compiled a list of young athletes who have developed various types of blood cancer, such as lymphoma or leukemia. The 38 people on the list have all been playing on artificial fields. Those who run on artificial turf are also exposed to crumb rubber that flies into their ears, mouths and hangs to their clothing.

However, until the study will be finished, no clear links will be settled between the artificial turf and the terrible disease. The three federal agencies are not sure if cancer might be caused by artificial turf, but they are certain their future investigation will reveal a link between the disease and crumb rubber.

Image Source: Artificial Grass Info