Car Bomb in Eastern Turkey

Car Bomb in Eastern Turkey

There is devastating news from Turkey. The country that neighbors Syria was the scene of an attack. A car bomb went off leading to casualties. The bombing took place in Van, a city in the east of Turkey.

Turkey has been the scene of several attacks in recent months. The Islamic State claimed the attacks. But the PKK, the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, also claimed some of the attacks. In total, there were dozens of casualties from these attacks.

The Explosion

The explosion took place this Monday at 10:50 a.m. local time.

Today is the first day of the Islamic holiday of Eid al-Adha. Lufti Elvan is the Minister for Development. He had harsh words to say to those who planned and carried out the attack.  He said that they have no respect for Eid al-Adha, a holiday.

The state-run news agency in Turkey is saying that the car-bomb went off near a police checkpoint. Reports say that 48 people suffered wounds.

Another news agency is quoting a statement released by the governor’s office. It says that there were 46 civilians wounded and two police officers that were wounded as well. The governor’s office is saying that militant members affiliated to the PKK were responsible for the car bomb. The PKK, the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, is outlawed in Turkey.

The police chief of the city of Van talked to the media. He said that of those wounded, to were in critical condition.

A private news agency could verify the information that a vehicle carrying explosives was detonated. The explosion took place 650 feet from the governor’s office. Which is situated in a commercial district. In the same commercial district, not very far away, the municipal offices of the AKP are located.

The AKP is the political party that is now in government in Turkey. It is the party of Erdogan and conservatism. Also, it is the party that was almost ousted in a recent coup.

The Situation in Turkey

The country recently went through an attempted coup. It was a moment that did not last long. The military was not able to stage a strong effort. And that the government quickly defeated.

In the aftermath of the coup, Turkey’s government received criticism for the way it handled the situation. Many stood accused of supporting the coup. And faced a type of repression.  From all types of social groups, not just the military. From the judiciary to academia. Tenured professors lost their position in universities. Other academics could not travel freely.

Turkey rocked the boat diplomatically as well. By repeatedly asking the United States to hand over Fener Gulen. He is the man that the status quo suspects planned and supported the coup. From the United States where he currently lives.

Later, Turkey went on and formed an alliance with Russia.

Time has passed since the incidents in Turkey. And other events dominate the headlines of international news. But, politically things remain unstable in Turkey. And Turkey remains geographically close to a conflict that still carries on. Reason enough for the country to be on high alert.


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