Car Sharing Means Less Pollution


Researchers at the University of California-Berkeley believe that car sharing means less pollution to the city.

Researchers at the University of California-Berkeley believe that car sharing means less pollution to the city, and it makes a huge difference in air quality. It looks like a promising initiative for cities with transportation trouble.

The recent study found that cities which use a flexible type of car sharing gain a lot of benefits, like reducing pollution, traffic, and more parking spaces.

Experts measured the impact of the car2go app, which is different from other car services such as Zipcar and GM’s Maven. With car2go, drivers pay $35 membership tax just once and then they can start using it. They’re allowed to rent a car parked nearby and leave it someplace else in the city.

There is no need for reserving a car before hand or returning it to a designated parking. Car2go works with local authorities so that cars can be parked in public areas.

One minute of using this app costs 41 cents. The app currently has 2 million members and 14,000 cars in activity across 30 cities.

Experts have found that for every car2go in any given city, the car number on the streets decreases by seven to eleven vehicles. This decrease can be explained by drivers giving up their car or holding off purchasing a new one.

Members that drove car2go vehicles had lower emissions and fewer miles driven. Emissions dropped by an average of 10 percent. This valuable information might help cities which are trying to address private ownership of vehicles.

The survey looked at 9,500 car2go users in Calgary, Vancouver, British Columbia, Seattle, and Washington DC to centralize data. The study was partly supported by Daimler, a parent company of car2go.

Findings were optimistic, regarding the number of cars off the roads. In total, five cities have taken 28,000 cars from circulation. However, nearly 18 million cars and trucks were sold in the States last year. So, there’s not much of an effect for now. But there is plenty of room to grow this app, to more impressive numbers.

This app also helped to remove heavy polluting vehicles, with older emission systems from the main city streets.

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Image Source – Wikipedia