Cars Made into Works of Art?

Cars Made into Works of Art?

Cars in Porsche Design TowerPorsche has long been an innovator in design, but now they are taking it to the next level. Their luxurious Porsche Design Tower in  Miami has now transformed resident cars into works of art. The cars are on display for all to see.

Already the tower has more than 95% of their apartments sold, and prospective buyers will need to act fast if they want to be part of the show. Residents have the option of parking their supercars in the 19,403-square foot penthouse where they will be kept on display.

Millionaires Do Not Have to Worry about Valet Parking

Porsche Design Tower is all about eliminating the hassles of life for the elite. They created parking and architecture together, so that millionaires residing in the tower do not have to wait for a valet or park their car. Instead, they pull up to the building, and the Porsche Tower will use an elevator that can take as many as three luxury vehicles to the top and deposit the car in the owner’s apartment.

The lift itself cost millions of dollars, and it is fully automated. It will take the owner’s vehicle and bring the car to the garage at a set time. It can lift an impressive 8,000 pounds and travels 800 feet per minute with a turntable that spins around and delivers the car to its condominium.

The cheapest unit in the tower is a $5 million room, and the total has a total of 132 condominium units. The four-bedroom penthouse is still on the market, but for $32 million it can house up to 11 vehicles for its owner—assuming they’d wish to display the cars.

The penthouse also features a museum-like gallery, so collectors could store all their vehicles and have them on display.

Six Units Left Until Full Capacity is Reached

Business Insider reports that only six units are free. The penthouse is over 17,000 square feet and has four levels. There are also two private swimming pools for the penthouse owner.

There are at least 22 registered billionaires living in the tower already. Further, regular units can display up to nine vehicles, but they have the option to add extra space for an additional charge. Other amenities in the Porsche Design Tower include spas, a ballroom for events, an official movie theater, and a game room complete with race-car simulations offered by Porsche.

The grand opening of the tower was on March 18th, and it featured a live performance by Alicia Keys.

Luxury Gone Too Far?

The futuristic nature of this vehicle lift might be too extravagant; especially if there are ever maintenance concerns or issues. With million-dollar cars hanging in the balance, it is a bold move to lift vehicles into condominium units (with the driver inside if they wish) and to retrieve units as they are requested.

Porsche did not comment on how long the entire travel time takes, but traveling at 800 feet per minute is quite quick.