Chelsea Bombing in New York

Chelsea Bombing in New York

An explosion in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York injured 29 people this weekend. The incident took place after police found a suspicious device in the area. The explosion happened at 8.30 pm on Saturday.

Chelsea is a neighborhood of New York with busy nightlife. It has many restaurants, shops, art galleries and businesses. There are also several subway stations in the vicinity. 23rd street is where the explosion was and it is right in the heart of Chelsea. On an average weekend night, the area is buzzing with activity.

Chelsea is also one of the more affluent areas of New York. It has undergone a process of gentrification recently.

No Threat to New York

The mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio was quick to talk to the press and get a grip on the situation. He told reporters that so far it looks like the explosion was “an intentional act”. He continued to say that at the time there was “no specific and credible threat against New York City” from a terror organization.

Law enforcement officials as well as the mayor said that it was too soon to call the bombing on Saturday a terror attack. De Blasio said that the motivation of the attack, and whether or not it was a political one, remains unknown.

After the blast the 29 people injured received medical care. Out of the 29, 26 went to hospital. By Sunday morning, the hospitals had released them all.

The explosion happened on the same day as other two violent incidents on US soil. There was another explosion in New Jersey that went off near a charity run by the Marine Corps. The second incident took place in Minnesota, where a man stabbed 9 people at a mall. Currently, the authorities are investigating all these incidents as possible acts of terror.

The police cordoned off the street where the explosion happened, in western Manhattan. Law enforcement officials are looking for possible leads in the area. They have also made an appeal for anyone with footage from that night to come forward and help the investigation.

Looking for Suspects

Saturday evening, there was no indication as to what caused the blast, but four blocks away they found a pressure-cooker device. Law enforcement continues to investigate the area.

The explosion took the people in Chelsea by surprise. They panicked and ran for cover. Thankfully, neither of them sustained fatal wounds.

Police investigators scoured the area for clues on Sunday. They were looking for any indication about who was responsible and their possible motive.

Not long after the explosion occurred, investigators found a lead. They found it a few blocks away from the site of the blast.

It’s possible that more clues into who the perpetrator was have been found. Surveillance videos were analyzed and a man was found in two important videos. He is seen once near the site of the blast and once more, near another location. That location is where investigators found the pressure-cooker device.

The pressure-cooker device had dark-colored wiring around it and sticking out. The wiring was connected with silver duct tape to what looked like a cellphone.


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