Chelsea Clinton Calls Election Loss an “Unexpected Blessing”

Chelsea Clinton Calls Election Loss an “Unexpected Blessing”

Chelsea ClintonChelsea Clinton, the daughter of former President Bill Clinton, and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, has said that the 2016 election defeat was an “unexpected blessing” for her and her family.

During an interview on ABC’s daytime television show “The View” on Wednesday, former first daughter Chelsea Clinton said that Hillary Clinton has been able to enjoy more time with her grandchildren. Clinton’s son Aidan is 11 months old, and her daughter Charlotte is two years old, she said during the interview.

The unexpected blessing, Clinton said, is that she has been able to spend more time with her family. She also spoke about her daughter enjoying Peter Rabbit, and how she planted a special garden at her parents’ house, located in Chappaqua, New York. She said it was nice seeing Charlotte and her grandparents playing together in the garden, and that it was a gift to see her parents enjoy this new life.

She also went on to say that her children have become the center of the Bill and Hillary’s universe.

A Political Dynasty in the Making?

The Clintons don’t seem to be giving up on politics entirely, however. There is speculation that Chelsea Clinton is preparing for her own political career, after she recently announced her new children’s book, and made numerous press appearances.

The 37-year-old daughter of one of America’s most notorious political power couples has been maximizing usage of her Twitter account, and just published a brand-new book.

Chelsea Clinton has ditched her old policy of avoiding the press, and has been campaigning on political grounds since the middle of her mother’s presidential campaign. In 2016, Clinton dipped her toe into politics when she toured the country telling voters why she believed her mother was the best candidate for president.

With 1.7 million followers on Twitter, Chelsea Clinton has been providing her followers with her opinions on everything from Donald Trump’s policies, to child marriage and World Menstrual Hygiene Day. The more she tweets, the more the media seems interested in the possibility of her running for office.

Could It Be True?

Clinton has regularly denied that she plans on running for elected office, including during an interview on the NBC “Today” show, on Tuesday.

Clinton insists that she will remain a political activist, and make her opinion known both offline and online about the Trump administration and more. During her NBC interview, she said that one of her first memories is being just three years old, and being brought along to campaign rallies for her father. She says a woman asked her if she will run for the governor of Arkansas, to which she simply replied, “I’m three.”

On the importance of being a citizen, Clinton said that she believes it’s important to speak out even outside of election years. Citizens must be responsible every day, she said – and while she claims to not be running for political office soon, she will not be quiet.

What’s in the Book?

Clinton’s new book is a 28-page children’s book that was allegedly inspired by Senator Elizabeth Warren. The book is entitled “She Persisted,” and it looks at the lives of 13 women from all over the world. It has been published by Penguin Young Readers, and many pundits consider the release a sign that she might be stepping up to the world of politics soon.

There’s no telling how the voters will react if they are presented with yet another Clinton. After the heated battle between Clinton and Sanders in the last election, it could be a rocky road for Chelsea if she decides to run.