Chinese President Visits Cambodia

Chinese President Visits Cambodia

The Chinese President visits Cambodia in a diplomatic effort to build strong ties with the country. Cambodia is a strong ally for China and with this visit the relationship between the two countries is set to become even closer.

The Chinese president is on an official state visit that is going to last for two days. The schedule for the president includes the signing of thirty agreements between the two countries. It is the first time that Chinese President Xi Jinping visits Cambodia since he became China’s head of state.

Cambodia Is a Strong and Reliable Ally for China

The schedule for Chinese President Xi Jinping includes the signing of diplomatic agreements as well as high level meetings with Cambodia’s state officials. Xi Jinping is going to meet with Cambodia’s King Norodom Sihamoni. Also, he has a meeting with Prime Minister Hun Sen.

Cambodia’s Prime Minister spoke about the goals of the two-day visit ahead of the Chinese President arriving. Hun Sen that there are at least 28 agreements of cooperation between China and Cambodia ready. The agreements cover areas regarding the economy as well as investments. Also, some of the agreements cover agriculture and infrastructure.

China has been a reliable ally for Cambodia during the last decade. As well as offering political support, China has been an economic partner. So China sent millions of dollars to Cambodia in aid and foreign investments. In July, Beijing gave Cambodia almost $600 million that went to aid for the country’s infrastructure, for education and healthcare. Also, China has given tariff-free status on several hundred trade items that Cambodia deals in. Another move by China that helped cement the firm relationship between the two countries was writing off Cambodia’s debt.

Cambodia returns the many favors it receives from China. The Southeast Asian country supports China whenever there are discussions in international forums. Cambodia takes up the position that is favorable to China. The most recent situation where China benefited from Cambodia’s support was the dispute over the South China Sea. Beijing is locked in an ongoing dispute over the rights over the South China Sea and is not going to back down.

The Chinese President Receives Warm Welcome

The Chinese President Xi Jinping arrived at Phnom Penh International Airport this Thursday. He was greeted by hundreds of students that were waiting by the side of the road. The students had portraits of Xi Jinping with them. Also, they were waving the national flags of the two countries, China and Cambodia. Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia increased the level of security for the state visit. Local authorities deployed several thousands of security personnel along the streets of the city.

Ahead of his visit to Cambodia, the Chinese President Xi Jinping authored an article about the relationship between China and Cambodia. The largest daily in the country, Rasmei Kampuchea, printed the article. In it, Xi spoke about how China and Cambodia “enjoy deep political trust”. He also talked about the economic cooperation between the two countries, stressing that it was to the advantage of both countries. Xi Jinping called it a “win-win” situation.

Image source: Wikipedia