Comedian Charlie Murphy, Dead at 57

Comedian Charlie Murphy, Dead at 57

Charlie Murphy, former star of the “Chapelle’s Show” and Eddie Murphy’s older brother, died on Wednesday after a long battle with leukemia. He was 57-years old. The Murphy family released an official statement in which they announced the passing of Charlie with heavy hearts. They also thanked everybody for the condolences and respectfully asked for privacy during this difficult time.

Finding fame

Charlie Murphy became popular by being part of Dave Chappelle’s Comedy Central skit show. He had some very interesting stories about the way he had interacted with many celebrities, especially during his brother’s most successful years, in the 1980s. The most popular such story from Charlie was the one about the late musician Rick James.

During a “Chapelle’s Show” behind-the-scenes, Charlie Murphy said that his friendship with James was always special. Also, that they had many other such adventures that could never be said on live television. On Tuesday, a final post appeared on his Twitter account which contained a quote about the past. His very good friend Donnell Rawlings also posted an image of them on his Instagram account and said that he will forever miss him. Rawlings also called Murphy a “lion”.

The relationship with his brother

There was a time when Charlie Murphy actually worked as a bodyguard for his brother, Eddie. He admitted that he loved his brother so much and thought he was so funny that he used to fight anyone who did not laugh at his jokes. He explained that those people annoyed him and, because of his heated behavior, he gave up on his job as a bodyguard. One of his most famous tales was the one about the late musician Prince. Him and his friends reportedly played basketball against Prince and his friends, one night in the 1980s. He said that everybody was shocked at how good the musician was. After that, he even made everybody pancakes.

Charlie Murphy also appeared in many movies, TV shows and, at one point, he even lent his voice to a number of video game characters. Chris Rock, Paul Mooney and mogul Russell Simmons also posted Twitter messages in which they are expressing their sadness for Charlie Murphy’s death.

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