Crew Member Dies in Accident on World’s Biggest Cruise Ship

Crew Member Dies in Accident on World’s Biggest Cruise Ship

A crew member on the largest cruise ship in the world has died and four others have been injured during a routine drill. A lifeboat fell down from the deck of the MS Harmony of the Seas cruise ship and plummeted into the water in Marseille, according to officials in the South of France’s port city.

The Deputy Mayor of Marseille Has Issued a Statement

UK newspaper The Daily Mail reported in depth on the incident. According to these reports, the deputy mayor of Marseille, Julien Ruas, described to The Associated Press how the lifeboat fell approximately 33 feet from the fifth deck with five crew members aboard. The crew member who was killed has been identified as a 42-year-old man from the Philippines.

Russ explained that the impression he got was that the crew members on board the lifeboat did not have the time to properly secure themselves as the lifeboat fell. He said that the fall was violent and sudden.

The complete circumstances of why the accident happened have not yet become clear. One person died, two were critically injured and two more were slightly injured. All victims of the incident were members of the crew and in fact the only people on board the ship at the time of the accident were cruise ship staff. It is believed that the people involved in the accident were part of the navigation team.

A spokesman for the fire service in Marseille confirmed the figures saying that the two people who were seriously injured were in grave danger and may not recover.

Police in France have now opened an investigation to look into the incident further.

The Cruise Ship Is Owned by Royal Caribbean

The MS Harmony of the Seas holds the record for the world’s biggest passenger ship. It is owned by Miami-based cruise line Royal Caribbean. The company have stated that they “deplored” the death. They have also confirmed that the incident occurred during a safety drill while the ship was docked in Marseille.

The Royal Caribbean took to their Twitter account to share their condolences and sadness that one of their crew had died. They tweeted confirmation that the four surviving crew members were currently receiving medical treatment and said that all their colleagues and their colleague’s family members were in their prayers.

The ship has a capacity of 8,960 people in total, including 6,300 passengers and 2,390 crew members. It is worth $1 billion, was crafted in France and set sail on its maiden voyage in May.

The impressive cruise liner is 1,187 feet long, making it longer than the entire height of the Eiffel Tower. People have described it as a floating city. It’s not surprising considering that there are more than 2,500 state rooms, 20 different dining venues, 23 swimming pools, various water slides, a park with 50 trees and over 10,000 plants, a theater, a skating rink, a casino, a basketball court, discos, bars and two climbing walls.

According to the Daily Mail, the vessel was on an eight day cruise of the Mediterranean coast, having departed from Rome on September 8. It visited Naples, Barcelona and Majorca before docking in Marseille, where the accident took place.