David Cameron Resigns as MP

David Cameron Resigns as MP

David Cameron is the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. He left the office of PM after the Brexit vote, this June. After a long time at the helm.

Now, he has decided to stand down from his seat as Member of Parliament. Perhaps, no longer wishing to play an active part in politics.

Elections are going to take place in the seat of Whitney in Oxfordshire. In order to fill the vacant seat.

David Cameron Stepping Down

This June, the United Kingdom held a referendum. In order to decide whether to continue to be part of the European Union. The vote was positive for exiting the EU. Dubbed by the media the Brexit, it sees Great Britain leaving the European Union.

David Cameron was prime minister at the time of the referendum. He waited for the results of the vote. After it was clear that the country decided to leave, he made his statement. He came out and announced that he was leaving the office of prime minister. Saying that a new team should be in charge of Brexit negotiations with the EU.

For a while, there was speculation about who the new prime minister was going to be. The name of former London mayor, Boris Johnson was mentioned. But in the end it was Theresa May who assumed the office of Prime Minister for the Conservative Party.

Who the current resident of 10 Downing Street is now may have something to do with Cameron resigning. Mrs. May has not been a strong presence on the political stage since she became the PM. She is the second Prime Minister for the UK to be a woman. After Margaret Thatcher. But she is not like the conservative icon. Her political persona is not as bold.

David Cameron’s Political Career

David Cameron is 49 and has been a right-wing politician all his life. He is educated at Eton, where he went with fellow Tory, Boris Johnson.

He became the MP for Witney in 2001. In 2005 he became the leader of the Conservative party. After winning the election in 2010, he became the Prime Minister.

It is possible that David Cameron is stepping down from his seat as MP on account of Mrs. May. David Cameron in the Houses of Parliament could lead to comparisons being made. And a David Cameron still active in national politics could give rise to questions. Like “what would Cameron do instead?”. Especially regarding the very difficult issue of EU negotiations.

Mr. Cameron said that he does not want to be a “distraction” for the media and divert attention from the new PM, Theresa May. About the Prime Minister’s performance, he had positive things to say. He said that she “had got off to a cracking start”. And he praised the progress that she had made on social reform.

He was in his constituency of Witney, speaking. He added that it was a great honor to serve as Member of Parliament for the area. But that he would find it difficult to sit on the backbenches of national politics.


Image source: Wikipedia.