Delta Airlines Delays Getting on Passengers’ Nerves

Delta Airlines airplane

      Delta Airlines Delays Getting on Passengers’ Nerves

Since Wednesday, Delta Airlines Inc. has cancelled about 3,500 flights. All because of the big storm that hit Atlanta and made the country’s second biggest carrier adopt this measure. The situation does not look good at all, considering that the 2,300 cancelled flights from August which happened because of a computer failure made Chief Executive Officer Ed Bastian apologize to all the company’s passengers. Now, the passengers are exactly the ones who are getting impatient.

People are not happy

A good example of what happened is that of Brittany Wengel. On Thursday, she needed to fly to Florida for a longer weekend, far away from New York. On Sunday, she was still on the ground, with no chance to fly anytime soon. And seeing how she only had two more days off, she decided to completely cancel her plans. Delta tried to mend the situation, rebooking her on another flight. The problem was that it would have taken 12 hours to get from New York to Florida. So, Wengel decided to give up on her plans.

Some are saying that Delta relied too much on its Atlanta mega-hub. While it is true that the company could not have done anything about the powerful storm that kept Atlanta isolated for about five hours, people are saying that it could have anticipated some issues. Also, Delta’s own flight crews and some experts think that the company was a little slow and did not act the way it should have, in order to avoid this situation from happening, especially when the communications started to break down. After all,  heir own passengers suffered because of what happened or cancelled their plans.

An unwanted situation

By Sunday afternoon, Delta had cancelled about 150 flights. This was a lot less than the two previous days when it cancelled about 1,200, at the same time. Also on Sunday, the company declared that the situation was becoming a lot more stable. In an official statement, Delta Airlines Inc. apologized to their passengers and admitted that it is a frustrating situation. Also, they promised that everyone at the company was working to bring the situation back to normal and keep the people informed. Meanwhile, many customers said that they changed their opinion of Delta after this situation.

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