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What’s Up with Democrats Wearing White? ⋆

What’s Up with Democrats Wearing White?

What’s Up with Democrats Wearing White?

Democrats wearing whiteThe Democrats attempted to make a statement for the joint address to Congress Tuesday night by wearing all white.

The white attire is a throwback to the attire worn by suffragettes for protests. The action was initiated by the Democratic Women’s Working Group, led by Lois Frankel of Florida. In her statement, she announced that there were plans to continue their on-going fight for women’s rights, and by wearing white, the group would unite against Trump’s plans to roll back the progress women have made.

The group consists of 66 female Democrats that serve in the House of Representatives. They focus on affordable health care, Planned Parenthood, and equal pay for women.

Isn’t White a Symbol of Nationalism, Too?

The biggest criticism of the group is that white is an odd choice to pick for a protest. After all, solid white is often paired with nationalism. However, white is the go-to color for liberals that want to protest and celebrate female achievements in politics and the world.

As an example, Clinton wore an all-white outfit when she received the Democratic nomination for the presidency. Also, when she debated Trump in the third session, she wore all white.

The theme was carried through on the day of the election, too, with women across the country sharing their white outfits on Twitter using the hashtag #wearwhitetovote.

The purpose of white clothing is to make the women appear dignified and respectful. By presenting themselves in solid white attire, the women do not need to use signs or even shout. Instead, they make their statement through their outfits.

Some of the Democratic women attending the speech also wore purple, which was represented as a sign of loyalty among suffragettes.

Pelosi states that it was a “statement of values,” to contrast the values that she feels Trump exhibits in his administration.

Trump is Easily Distracted by Insults

While it was never announced, one theory behind the use of white was the silent insult that it provided to President Trump. After all, Trump has a notorious reputation for being easily distracted by insults thrown his way.

Women who mock Trump tend to get a rise out of him even more via Twitter and public speeches, so the white-out strategy was most likely a way to ruffle the feathers of the new president and see if he could be disarmed right before his speech.

Despite their attempts to throw the president off his game, Trump delivered an elegant speech to the joint members of Congress Tuesday, and he did not seem rattled by the women in the audience wearing white and purple.

Some Democrats Seemed to Support Trump’s Speech

Despite the white-out attempts, there were a select few Democrats who appeared to support the words of Trump, including Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia who frequently applauded and stood to support Trump’s words.

Trump did receive applause from Democrats when he discussed transportation and infrastructure repairs, as well as the job-creating investments he planned out.

Most Democrats, however, did not seem impressed and continued to have a lackluster expression for Trump’s promises, while Conservatives applauded, cheered, and finally felt inspired.