Donald Trump Will Meet with Mexican President Nieto

Donald Trump Will Meet with Mexican President Nieto

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has scheduled a meeting with Enrique Pena Nieto, Mexico’s current president. The meeting will take place just hours before Trump announces his proposals on stopping illegal immigration.

Trump’s stance on immigration has already stirred controversies in Mexico. His earlier proposal to build a wall to keep illegal immigrants out, and tear up the North American Trade agreement, has attracted quite a lot of criticism.

Mexican officials have confirmed via Twitter that the meeting will take place. Nieto added that, “I believe in dialogue to promote Mexico’s interests in the world, and chiefly, to protect Mexicans wherever they are.”

Nieto’s decision to meet up with presidential nominee Donald Trump was a bold PR move. Lately, the Mexican president’s approval rating has declined sharply.

Donald Trump has made some very inflammatory remarks regarding Mexican citizens. His tendency to exaggerate and overgeneralize has already made him quite unpopular among American minority citizens.

In recent polls, it seems American voters are largely leaning in favor of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. This shift comes in spite of the fact that he apparently gained quite a lot of popularity early on in his campaign. His meeting with Nieto would appear to be an attempt at closing that popularity gap.

Democrats in general are unlikely to support him, and many moderate Republicans have also expressed their skepticism regarding Trump’s candidacy.

However, most of his popularity was obtained through very bold, and often times infuriating statements. This is perhaps his first attempt to nuance his position. Likely he is trying to gain support from potential voters who are still on the fence.

Donald Trump and His Plan to Secure American Borders

Trump has stated on multiple occasions that if he becomes president in November, he will construct a wall along the Mexican border. The wall will serve to keep out illegal immigrants.

More than that, Trump insists that the Mexican government should pay for it. Needless to say, Mexicans did not respond well to these statements.

Nieto himself has voiced his concerns regarding Trump’s candidacy. Nieto spoke about the dangers of populism in late June, at a meeting in Ottawa, with current President Obama and Canadian Prime-Minister Justin Trudeau. In this context, he compared Trump to infamous dictators Hitler and Mussolini.

When asked to explain his comments, Nieto said, “Hitler, Mussolini, we all know the result. It was only a call for reflection and for recognition, so that we bear in mind what we have achieved and the great deal still to achieve.”

Trump’s conservative allies recently began to worry about his stance on immigration. Donald Trump mentioned he would “soften” his position on mass deportation.

His aides have mentioned that during the speech, which is going to take place in Arizona, Trump plans to reaffirm his former statements. According to them, he is still determined to build the wall, and immediately deport immigrants who have committed crimes on US soil.

However, none of his proposals address the issue of illegal immigrants who have already settled down in the US. This is one of the more pressing dilemma the future president will have to face. There are now around 11 million illegal immigrants living in the US, obeying state laws, and contributing to their community.

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