Hospitalized Dying Man Gets Married Days Before Passing Away

Hospitalized Dying Man Gets Married Days Before Passing Away

dying man gets married on hospital bed

As the dying man gets married, an entire hospital weeps.

Raul Hinojosa, or Tiny as his friends and family called him, had but a single wish when he was asked about his final desires. He wanted to be wedded to his fiancée, Yvonne Lamas. As he uttered his request, the entire hospital mobilized and a wedding was prepped.

If you are a fan of impossible love stories, then you must be familiar with classic stories like Love Story, A Walk to Remember, or the new addition, The Fault in Our Stars. However, real life is always more romantic and much sadder than any Hollywood concoction.

The story of Tiny and Yvonne is a love story like no other, as the two had overcome many difficulties before meeting and falling for each other. They brought out the best in one another, and, nine years ago, they were dreaming of a fairytale wedding and a happily ever after.

However, in 2012 an unforgiving cancer diagnosis shattered their dreams. As doctors explained chronic lymphocytic leukemia to Hinojosa, the man was losing hope that he will ever be able to wed his beautiful fiancée.

Four years of treatment later, doctors asked him if there is anything that he wants to do before his time comes, and he immediately responded:

“I want to marry her. I want her to be mine.”

The hospital staff and the man’s family immediately claimed the role of the fairy godmother, making the wedding possible. A chaplain was found, Hinojosa was dressed in a sharp blue suit, and Lamas walked down the aisle in a beautiful white wedding gown.

Family, friends and more than half of the critical-care unit hospital staff were there for their big day. As the chaplain pronounced them husband and wife, the two shared a heart-breaking kiss, the seal of love doomed by an unforgiving cancer diagnosis.

The two lovebirds got to share their husband and wife status for only three days as Hinojosa lost the battle against the cruel disease.

Even though their marriage was short-lived, Lamas will always remember Tiny’s love. The man was there for her throughout the good times and the bad, and she remained by his side in sickness and in health.

The entire wedding was filmed by one of the guests and broadcasted via Facebook Live. Check out the video to see the emotion that takes hold of the hospital room as the dying man gets married to the girl of his dreams.