Facebook Comes Out with Messenger Lite

Facebook Comes Out with Messenger Lite

Facebook has thought of those that don’t have great speed with their internet connection or maybe have an older phone. If you’re stuck with a low-bandwidth connection or don’t have the latest phone you can use Messenger Lite.

Usually launching an app is all about new features. Facebook’s messenger app just added live video and opinion polls to the list of things it can do. But Messenger Lite is a stripped-down version that has everything you need and just about that. It can handle your basic online communication needs without that many bells and whistles.

Requirements and Features of Messenger Lite

Facebook Messenger Lite is going to be launching soon enough for Android devices. It features the app’s basic core features and not much else. It can work even with a low-bandwidth connection. Also, it can work on older phones that do not have the latest and the most powerful hardware.

The specifications of Messenger Lite make it a good idea for countries that don’t have mobile broadband infrastructure that works at high speeds. So, Facebook is coming out with Messenger Lite in countries like Kenya, Malaysia, Tunisia, Sri Lanka and Venezuela first.

With designing Messenger Lite, Facebook excluded features that take up a lot of storage space on your phone or require high speed Internet bandwidth. So there is no video calling. There aren’t any animated GIFs either. Also, it has no voice-over-IP (VoIP) calling.

If you think that’s a downside, which it might be, you should look at the upside. Messenger Lite takes up very little space on your phone, less than 10 megabytes to be exact. That is a lot less that what the standard version of Messenger for iPhone uses. That’s 219 megabytes. Although, on some Android phones, Messenger can take up just 42.7 megabytes.

With just 10 megabytes, what can the app actually do? Well, there’s it’s basic and fundamental capability, text-based messaging. You can also send stickers and links to one another. You can send photos to one another. Also, you can share your physical location.

Messenger Lite in the United States

Right now, Facebook is launching Messenger Lite abroad. But the company believes that there is the possibility for the app to be successful in the United States as well.

David Marcus is vice president of messaging products for Facebook. He says that maybe places like New York or San Francisco don’t have a lot of people with phones that are six years old. But that there are many places in America where people simply don’t care about having the latest phone. He added that communication is a basic, primary thing that everybody needs to be able to do. So Facebook “wanted to make sure that everyone has access to Messenger”.

Facebook has made many efforts to make the Internet be accessible worldwide. Messenger Lite is just the logical next step for the company. Facebook has a Free Basics program that lets users in several countries access a small, limited selection of web-based services for free, even without a data plan.


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