Former Israeli President Shimon Peres Suffers a Stroke

Former Israeli President Shimon Peres Suffers a Stroke

There is news out of Israel regarding the health of one of the most influential Israeli politicians, Shimon Peres. He is currently in hospital.

Shimon Peres was the ninth President of Israel from the year 2007 to 2014. In a political career that lasted 66 years, Peres was twice the Prime Minister of Israel. He was part of 12 different cabinets in Israel’s political history.

Peres was first elected to Israel’s Parliament, the Knesset in November 1959. He served almost continuously since then. With the exception of three months, during a hiatus in 2006.

The Medical Situation

The former Israeli President suffered a major stroke. Doctors treating him said that his condition is “serious but stable”. They said that there had been significant bleeding in his brain.

Dr. Yitzhak Kreiss is the director of the Sheba Medical Center, located near Tel Aviv. He said that Peres is in a medically induced coma. The medical decision was taken to allow his body to rest. Rest that is necessary after a stroke. Kreiss said that Shimon Peres will be transferred to the intensive care unit of the neurosurgical department of the medical center. And that they will continue to monitor his status.

Peres felt ill on Tuesday and was rushed to the nearest hospital. After a battery of tests were performed, the diagnosis was a stroke.

Rafi Walden is Peres’ son-in-law and his personal physician. He talked to the media. And said that there is no imminent threat to the former president’s life anymore. What lies ahead is finding out how much damage took place. As well as what type of recovery Peres could make.

Walden gave more medical details about the status of his father-in-law’s health. He told the press that Peres suffered a major stroke in the right part of his brain. That he is currently under ventilation and sedation.

However, his forecast was optimistic. He said that the blood test results were good. Shimon Peres was responsive. And was even able to squeeze Walden’s hand when he addressed him.

Rafi Walden added that his patient and relative was reactive when under less sedation. The plan for today is to closely monitor Peres. And to try to get in touch with him again once more with lessening the sedation.

Shimon Peres’ Influence

Shimon Peres, aged 93, is regarded as the elder statesman of Israel. He is a symbol of the country, a living link to its past and its founding fathers.

He was also a key political figure at an international level. In 1994 he received the Nobel Peace Prize for his work trying to reach an agreement for peace in the Middle East.

Earlier in his political career he may have been a divisive figure. But in his later years, he became one of Israel’s most popular public figures.

When news of him falling ill broke, the reaction was immediate. Reports in the media had an alarmist tone. The Israeli press said that Peres was “fighting for his life”.

The nation rallied its prayers for Shimon Peres, in a show of support. And friends and even political enemies sent their wishes for a speedy recovery. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu posted a message on Facebook saying “Shimon, we love you and the entire nation wishes you get well”.


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