France Seeks Prosecution of War Crimes in Aleppo

France Seeks Prosecution of War Crimes in Aleppo

The conflict in Syria has left behind nothing but devastation. As the fighting goes on, the city of Aleppo has been virtually destroyed. Recently, the fighting has intensified. If the days of a cease fire held the promise of peace for Syria one day, the future now looks bleak. The cease fire was shortly lived and the fighting intensified soon after. Aleppo saw even more tragedy.

But international players do not want to let the situation in Syria stand as it is. France wants to take a moral stand and condemn the war crimes that are taking place in Aleppo.

Tragedy in Aleppo as the Fighting Intensifies

France is working on a way to find justice for what is happening in Syria right now. They want to bring the situation in Aleppo to the attention of the International Criminal Court. That would turn the many tragedies of Aleppo into war crimes. France is trying to find a way for the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court to start an investigation. The prosecutor would look at the actions of Syrian as well as Russian forces and the effect they had in eastern Aleppo.

Syrian and Russian forces are responsible for the disaster in the eastern part of Aleppo. Since the cease fire collapsed, they have carried out multiple airstrikes on certain areas of the city. The attacks targeted areas of Aleppo that are under the control of the rebels. Those areas have virtually been laid under siege by Syrian and Russian warplanes. Syrian and Russian forces have launched an unprecedented offensive, trying to capture that part of Aleppo and have the entire city under their control. This battle has become a turning point in the drawn out conflict.

The civilian population of Aleppo has paid the heavy price of the fighting. There were many victims, including children. The airstrikes destroyed the city’s infrastructure. Even hospitals were bombed. The people in the city have to deal with multiple shortages and are in desperate need of humanitarian relief. However, humanitarian aid can’t reach them on account of the heavy fighting. An airstrike hit even a UN humanitarian aid convoy as it was delivering supplies to a suburb of Aleppo.

Justice for War Crimes at the International Criminal Court

Jean-Marc Ayrault is the French Foreign Minister. He seems committed to finding justice for what has happened in Aleppo. In a recent interview he called the multiple bombings of the city war crimes.

France had drafted a resolution for the United Nations Security Council regarding the situation in Syria. But Russia is a member with the right to veto of the UN Security Council. So Russia used this prerogative to stop the resolution in its tracks. It vetoed the resolution this weekend.

That prompted France to take additional action regarding the bombings of Aleppo. Jean-Marc Ayrault includes Russia when talking about taking responsibility for the human tragedy in that city. He said that the war crimes include those “who are complicit” to what is happening in Aleppo. That, in Mr. Ayrault’s opinion includes “Russian leaders”.

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