Generous Teen Invests Bar Mitzvah Money in Shoes for the Needy

Generous Teen Invests Bar Mitzvah Money in Shoes for the Needy

Drew Frank, a 13-year-old boy from Texas just proved that with a little ambition, one person could change the world one step at a time. The generous teen used his Bar Mitzvah money to buy shoes for 800 people who needed them more than he needed the gifts.

Drew invested the $25,000 that he received at his Bar Mitzvah in 800 pairs of brand-new Nike sneakers and 800 pairs of sturdy socks. The Drew’s Sneaker Give-Away, marketed on social media by the hashtag #JustDrewIt, gifted the footwear to children that needed warm shoes this winter.

Frank’s parents facilitated a collaboration between the generous teen and the Braden Aboud Foundation. Together with specialized help, the teenage boy provided new, quality shoes for 400 Beall Elementary students and 400 children from a local orphanage.

When asked about the motives behind his grand gesture, Drew declared that he wanted to “give back” to those who were less fortunate, bringing them a little cheer, especially now that the holiday season is here.

The generous teen first came up with the idea when he was planning his Bar Mitzvah. According to tradition, when a boy becomes a man, he must do something for his community. Drew decided to go big, and create an entire fundraiser for those in need.

The thirteen-year-old also stated that he learned that children from poorer environments often wear their siblings’ shoes. He wanted to give them the opportunity of wearing brand new socks and shoes, welcoming the winter with warm feet protected from the elements.

Drew also added that his passion for snickers also contributed to the decision. The non-profit foundation with which the teenager collaborated suggested a cheaper brand of shoes, but the boy insisted in buying Nikes as the brand is his favorite.

In the end, the chief volunteer, Amy Marcus, admitted that the brand does carry a special significance and that the children deserved quality footwear.

Cindi Aboud, the founder of the non-profit organization, declared that the boy’s gesture may have helped in consolidating a relation with Nike or other big footwear retailers. Aboud hopes that Drew’s initiative will serve as an inspiration for others.

Let’s hope that the selfless act will inspire others and more generous gifts will mark this holiday season.

Image source: Flickr