German Grocery Store Lidl Comes to US

German grocery store

This German grocery store might actually jeopardize other discount supermarkets, like Walmart

If you have ever been to Europe, you probably entered a grocery store called Lidl. The best thing about this supermarket is that it has extremely low prices compared to those in the US. Now, the German supermarket chain is coming to US, too. The company announced it would open 20 American stores next month.

Lidl represents a challenge for traditional American supermarkets

These stores are set to open on June 15th in Virginia and the Carolinas. The company declared they planned to open 80 more until 2018. However, Lidl might actually jeopardize other discount supermarkets, like Walmart. Unlike these, the German grocery store offers plenty of great products at small prices.

In Europe, Lidl has more than 10,000 stores. There, people can find anything from fruits and bread to clothes and home products. In fact, more than 90 percent of the products sold in the store are produced by Lidl. This makes the prices low, and offers them more control over the inventory.

The German grocery store offers quality goods at low prices

At a media event in New York, Lidl presented its quality products. The company wanted to show that having low prices doesn’t mean the products are of poor quality. Some of the displayed goods included frozen seafood, baked foods, and Italian cheeses. The US CEO of Lidl mentioned this was the best time for the German grocery store to enter the US.

By 2023, they plan to add 630 more stores, and reach $8.8 billion in sales. This move can affect other US traditional supermarkets, including Walmart and Kroger. Even if it might take some time until Americans will start doing their weekly groceries at Lidl, the low prices are going to attract a lot of customers.  From now on, we are going to witness a battle of prices between these supermarket chains.

Image source: Wikipedia