Gmail Reaches One Billion Active Users

Gmail reaches one billion active users, becoming the most popular email platform.

We are once again witnessing the success of Google, as its email service Gmail reaches one billion active users.

WhatsApp is not the only Internet service that has recently added a new milestone, as Gmail reaches one billion active users. This roughly means that one billion people with Gmail accounts are active each month.

The announcement was made by the Google chief executive officer himself, Sundar Pichai, during an earnings call for the parent company of Google named Alphabet. Gmail is the seventh service from the huge company to reach the one billion cap, the others being YouTube, Play, Chrome, Maps, Search and Android. Google took to another social media platform, Twitter, to express its thanks and gratitude.

What is interesting to observe is the fact that the Gmail application for Android devices has already been downloaded and installed one billion times by May 2014. The email service has become quite popular in May 2015, after which it has recorded a constant growth, surpassing its Yahoo or Hotmail competition. The 900 million monthly users milestone was reached last summer, and the announcement was made with the launch of Inbox app.

Taking a look back at its history, Gmail was first launched in beta in 2004 and it took five years to finally become a proper service. After its adaptation and release on both iOS and Android devices, the app has become a pinnacle of its type, especially because of its unique filtering process which can sort emails into personal messages, promotions from various companies and the dreaded spam. Its elegance is made possible through Material Design, that was introduced with Android Lollipop two years ago.

As for its newest updates, in 2014 the company has launched Inbox, a smooth and simple email client that people can use to bypass unwanted emails. Furthermore, Inbox lets users to quickly dismiss emails by using hand gestures. The main purpose of the app was to permit people to remain on top of all mail sent to them, by reaching something called “Inbox Zero”. Last year we witnessed the introduction of Smart Reply, a Gmail feature that allows users to rapidly reply to emails by selecting auto-generated messages.

As Gmail reaches one billion active users we are once again taking part in the advancement of both technology and social media, but also in the success of Internet moguls.

Image Source: Gmail Sign In Tips