Google Denies Gender Pay Discrimination

Google Denies Gender Pay Discrimination

Google headquarters, Mountain View

Google Denies Gender Pay Discrimination

On Friday, during a court hearing in San Francisco, a United States Department of Labor official revealed that government investigators are currently looking into the way Google pays its employees. More precisely, they have accused the tech giant of gender pay discrimination. So, that women have a smaller pay check than men, for doing the exact same work.  

Gender pay gap?

During the hearing, a Labor Department regional director said that their investigation found that women are systematically paid less than men at Google. Also, that this affects women from the entire workforce, not just some posts. However, Google strongly denied all of those allegations, and said that it is the first time someone claims something like this. In an official statement, the Mountain View tech giant said that each year, they are doing a thorough analysis of pay, concerning all genders. The company reportedly never found any gender pay gap in its researches.

It is widely known now that many companies, especially tech ones, have been trying to change their hiring practices. Traditionally, Asian and white males were executing many of the technical jobs at these companies. However, recently, the situation keeps on changing, as companies are trying to promote diversity and also equality at the workplace. The situation is still not the way it should be, in the sense that the majority of workers are still white and Asian males. However, women have become a much important part of any such tech company than they were before. It is interesting to note that only about 19 per cent of the technology jobs at Google went to women. The company has over 70,000 workers. Currently, only one third of them are women.

Where did this come from?

It all actually began back in January with a lawsuit that wanted to ban Google from doing business with the federal government. This would have happened unless the tech giant complied with an audit of the records regarding employee-compensation. According to Google, the company did what it needed to. However, it did not turn over all the information it had. Instead, it said that those were private documents which would have invaded the employees’ privacy.

This is not the first time the Labor Department does something like this. Earlier this year it also sued Oracle. Back then, it claimed that the company is paying white male workers more than the female and non-white workers.

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