Google Launches G Suite

Google Launches G Suite

Google is unveiling the new office space. The company is coming up with a new way of working together that is moving office interaction from boring desk spaces to the cloud. It’s called G Suite and it has everything you need to start working efficiently and with a smile on your face.

Google has had end-user applications before that were useful and well-integrated. But the company has done more than just rename Google Apps for Work. The applications have gotten a make-over and the entire concept behind them has been re-framed.

Introducing G Suite

With G Suite everything is much better aligned. It may or may not have something to do with the fact that Diane Greene is now in charge of cloud operations. She is the founder and the former CEO of VMware and may have brought a fresh outlook with her. The point is that what you used to know as Google Apps for Work are now much better integrated and everything works much better together.

G suite is more than just an end-user cloud service. It’s a lot more like a cloud based office suite.

Everything is going to be very familiar because G Suite features the same apps that were in Google Apps for Work. G Suite is going to have Gmail, Google Hangouts for video conferencing, Google Drive, Google Calendar and so on. The prices for the service are going to start at $5 per user for every month.

What is different here is that Google is using machine intelligence to make the apps more useful. What that basically means is that the apps are going to take over for you. Google claims that the applications will perform repetitive, mechanical tasks that take up so much time.

Using Machine Intelligence

Google has been down this path before. An example is Smart Reply. It offers automatically generated replies to emails that only require a short, quick response. It might not sound very impressive, but it cuts down on time spent writing the same email over and over. Google estimates that 10 percent of all the replies sent out on mobile use Smart Reply.

The new G Suite features a Google Drive that’s faster and more intuitive. Quick Access in Google Drive is going to have the files that you need ready at your fingertips when you open Google Drive. It is going to analyze your meetings, your interaction with co-workers and your activity in Drive. So, if you’ve been working on a joint project, the files will be there as soon as you open Drive. Research that Google conducted showed that this was going to save half the time you usually spend searching for files.

Google Calendar is going to have smart scheduling. This feature lets you ask the app to “Find a time” for a meeting. It looks at the schedule of you and your co-workers and arranges the times so that nothing clashes. Google Calendar then makes suggestions for a particular time. It can also make suggestions for a meeting room by looking at previous bookings. If there is a long list of people and Calendar can find no available time, it will suggest a time when the scheduling conflicts are easy to resolve.


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