Haiti Recovers after Hurricane Matthew

Haiti Recovers after Hurricane Matthew

This Wednesday, help finally reached the remote corners of Haiti that had been cut off by Hurricane Matthew. The Category 4 storm that hit Haiti last week was devastating and left behind a torn, disheveled landscape.

Humanitarian aid is delivered in the form of food and water. Many are in a difficult situation where they don’t even have access to the basics like clean water. Also, aid comes in the form of building supplies as well. There is a lot rebuilding that needs to be done after the destruction caused by Hurricane Matthew.

Haitians Try to Begin Rebuilding Effort

In Haiti, tens of thousands of people were affected by Hurricane Matthew. Now, they are trying to slowly rebuild their lives. The hurricane hit Haiti on October 4. It is only now that UN trucks have successfully reached some areas of Haiti, like the seaside community Les Cayes. It is a small community that relies on fishing. Many of the people in the community are fishermen.

Justin Cambry is 49 years old and he is a fisherman. He lives in the Sous Roche neighborhood of Les Cayes that the hurricane hit hard.

“Life is completely destroyed here. It will take 20 years to get it all back.”

Said Justin Cambry.

Haitians are helping each other rebuild their communities. In Les Anglais, a southern coastal village, a community group cleared the tree limbs from the streets and placed them in piles alongside the road. Another community group in Les Anglais has started working on rebuilding homes. In Anse-d’Hainault, a western coastal town, a small neighborhood general store has become a makeshift shelter. The general store has a small generator that provided enough power to charge phones.

Hundreds of Thousands of Haitians in Need of Humanitarian Relief

The survivors of the storm have spent a few very difficult days. Even with the hurricane over, they faced many challenges, like no power, no food and no shelter. There are shortages at the moment in Haiti. So the prices for essentials like bottled water, basic food stuffs have gone up by even as much as 25 percent.

Elancie Moise is an agronomist. He is also the director of the Department of Agriculture for southern Haiti. He says that the hurricane destroyed between 80 and 100 percent of the crops in the southern peninsula. “Crisis is not the word to describe it”, he said. “You need a stronger word. It is much worse. There is no food for people to eat”, he added.

The United Nations is considering $120 million in humanitarian aid. According to UN estimates there are about 750,000 people just in the southwest of Haiti that are need of assistance and protection that will save their lives. Overall, 1.4 million people are in need on humanitarian assistance in Haiti.

Meanwhile, the disaster in Haiti has meant that the US Department of Homeland Security has had to put one of their policies on hold. For the time being, Homeland Security is not going to deport Haitians that are in the United States without having permission. But it will resume the policy in the future.

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