Hero Cop Saves Toddler In Distress

Hero Cop Saves Toddler In Distress

On October 12th, 2016, a Granbury police officer saved a three-year-old boy, and it was caught on tape and later shared on YouTube reports Chron.

The officer, Chase Miller, was responding to a 911 call that came from the boy’s father. The family was at a local restaurant about 40 miles southwest from Fort Worth. The father pleaded with the 911 operator, stating his son was not breathing, reports The Washington Post.

The dispatcher was already sending ambulances to the KFC. The boy was unresponsive, and his mother could be heard in the background shouting his name.

The officer was listening to the dispatcher from his vehicle and decided not to wait for paramedics. Because he was only a short drive away, he headed to the restaurant, says The Washington Post. His dash cam video is what caught the moments where the officer pulls into the restaurant parking lot to find the mother holding a limp toddler in her arms. Other people were around attempting to revive the child, but with no response.

In the video, the officer takes the child from the mother, places him on the ground, and begins CPR. The boy’s father is kneeling just a few feet away from him. Officer Miller would not stop CPR until the boy started breathing again, says Chron.

There was a moment the officer instructed the boy’s father how to properly give CPR so that he could take over while Officer Miller ran to his vehicle to retrieve a CPR mask. Per the Washington Post, Officer Miller had learned in training that the boy would need a CPR mask to survive. In total, CPR was performed for three minutes.

When the boy began to breathe, the moment was caught on the dashboard camera. He was then taken to the local hospital where he made a full recovery, reports KTLA 5. The Washington Post reported that the boy had suffered a seizure and high fever, which caused him to stop breathing.

Awarded By The City

The officer was later given a Life Saving Award at Tuesday’s Granbury City Council meeting by their Mayor Nin Hulett. The boy’s mother stated that the officer deserves as much recognition as possible because he saved her son’s life, reported Chron.

The boy, Brayden, loves the show Paw Patrol and his favorite character is “Chase.” So, the officer presented Brayden with his version of Chase to remember the event by. It was a toy police dog, just like the character on the boy’s favorite TV show, says The Washington Post.

Even though the world is calling him a hero, Officer Miller is humble and doesn’t consider himself such. He hadn’t even told his wife about the event because he just assumed it was part of his job. He was gracious for all the recognition he received, including the video that was shared on YouTube, reports The Washington Post.