Hillary Clinton’s Pneumonia

Hillary Clinton’s Pneumonia

Hillary Clinton has had a cough for some time now. It was a recurring cough that would appear during speeches. Coughing fits were so bad, they interrupted the candidate’s delivery during events.

So, the cough drew attention to the Democratic candidate’s health. The Trump campaign took the opportunity to say that Clinton was weak and unfit to be the president.

In response, the Clinton campaign came out with a message that the cough was a reaction to allergies. Hillary Clinton even joked that she is allergic to Donald Trump. And that’s what reportedly brought on the cough.

The Cough Is Pneumonia

As it turns out, the cough is more serious than just an allergy.

Because the cough would not go away, Clinton decided to see her physician. On Friday morning, Lisa R. Bardack’s saw her in her doctor’s office. The diagnosis was pneumonia.

Bardack prescribed a course of antibiotics for Clinton. She also recommended that the candidate change her schedule and get five days of uninterrupted rest.

Hillary Clinton refused to change her schedule. With the election only 60 days away, the candidate’s schedule is full. There are fundraisers to attend, TV shows like “Ellen” to be on. And on top of that, there was also the commemoration of fifteen years since 9/11. An event that as a presidential nominee, you can’t miss.

Clinton decided to fight the illness on her own. And didn’t tell many of the staff on her team. Plus, the campaign decided not to go public with the news.

The decision and the series of actions that followed led to mishaps. In the last few days, were the campaign faced increased difficulties. A few days of rest would have been better advised.

Following the news of her illness, there has been criticism regarding what the media sees as a lack of transparency. A lack of information has allowed for rumors to circulate, especially in the conservative media. Clinton, who is 68, has had health troubles, as one can expect from someone her age. But the conservative media is asking for full disclousre of medical records.

The Clinton campaign has said that they will make public additional medical information in the following days. They’re now hoping to put to rest concerns about the health of the Democratic nominee.

Difficult Days

As the last few days since Friday show, being even somewhat ill makes it difficult to be a successful candidate.

Hillary Clinton had a two-week offensive prepared, with strong rhetoric and attacks on Trump. She was eyeing the first debate between the two that will take place in two weeks.

But the headlines now are about a comment she made about Trump voters.

On Friday evening, Clinton did not follow the advice of her physician and attended a fundraising event.

She was speaking to a friendly audience and she let her guard down. Clinton said that half of the people who support Trump are in a “basket of deplorables”. She continued to accuse Trump’s base of racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, and Islamophobia.

The reaction of the Trump campaign was to call Clinton an elitist who is out of touch with average people.



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