Care Bears, Ponies, and Hitler? One Coloring Book Enrages Dutch Residents

Hitler Coloring bookColoring books are popular among children and adults these days.

As a result, makers of these books are reaching into the depths of history and their creativity to make unique books for everyone to enjoy.

However, some publishers are going too far. From using offensive language to depicting pornographic scenes, some of these coloring books are out of control.

One book in particular enraged Dutch consumers more than any others. A coloring book featuring an image of Adolf Hitler standing before Nazi soldiers and saluting them was pulled from the shelves after outrage among residents.

The Kruidvat chain of drugstores removed the children’s coloring book, saying they inadvertently sold it without realizing the picture was in the book. They issued a statement on their website apologizing for the inappropriate images and that they had removed it from their store shelves.

Hitler Makes Coloring Book History?

Hitler’s image in a color-by-number children’s book featured him giving the infamous Nazi salute, and he had a red band on his left arm with a swastika.

The image never directly stated it was Hitler, and the company says they are investigating how the image was placed into the coloring book, despite doing checks for quality before publication.

The book was made in India, and no one is sure why that company used an image of Hitler. The man creating the book used pictures of famous people, and most likely picked an image that he did not realize would be offensive. Some think that the artist did not recognize Hitler.

The publisher, Kleuren op Code, has previously included historical figures in their books, including Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein, and Nelson Mandela. Thus, some theorize it is not far-fetched they would publish a controversial image.

The store selling the books did not know that they contained pictures of Hitler. Instead, they were alerted after several enraged parents started sharing pictures of the coloring book on social media —  highlighting that the company included a picture of Hitler.

According to the retailer, the book was on the market for just a half day before it was immediately removed. They have offered full refunds to all consumers that purchased the book.

Any images of the Nazi era are controversial and very sensitive. Several European countries have deemed the act of dressing as Hitler as illegal unless done for a historical event.

European political leaders want the public to remember the heinous acts, but they do not want to glorify them or make it acceptable to sell such images to children.

The publishers did not inspect the images. Instead, they work to translate the wording of the books from Indian into Dutch. Therefore, they apologized for their lack of image review. They stated in a release that they apologized for the “nasty combination” of circumstances that led to an inappropriate picture.

The store reports that several dozen books were sold before the rest were removed from the shelves.