The Hottest August on Record

The Hottest August on Record

Climate change used to be the subject of heated debates. Scientific facts were disputed as the argument went on. With different sides to the debate, as a matter of belief almost.

Whether global warming was happening or not was up for discussion. And there were plenty of people who believed that nothing was really going on. As well as plenty of people who insisted that something is seriously going wrong.

Now it is up to everyone to see whether or not global warming is really happening. It’s not about complicated measurements, it’s about what it feels like.

And the summer of 2016 felt hot.

Hotter Summers

Summers have been getting hotter and hotter. Ever since climate change became something you can observe from year to year. Every summer seems to be hotter than the previous one.

Since we are gradually getting used to higher temperatures, it might not be obvious that summers are radically different. Incremental changes have led us to accept rising temperatures and even heatwaves.

Hot, not just warm weather has become the norm. Clothes and fashion sense have changed to reflect this. It’s enough to leaf through a fashion magazine from ten years ago to see that style has changed to fit the new type of summer that we are getting.

Air conditioning has become more widely used. No longer reserved for the hot days of summer. And that’s because the hot days of summer have become more and more numerous. Of course, it’s a vicious circle. To use up non-renewable resources to fight the effects of global warming. But many feel that the summer without air conditioning would be unbearable.

The human body is adaptable. And can face circumstances where it is out of its comfort zone. And the mind can easily trick itself into being ok with new developments in its surroundings. That’s why hard data is still best at pointing out just how hot it is right now.

Study Shows Record Temperatures

Studies are still being conducted into climate change. Data is painstakingly collected and analyzed.

Even if all it takes now are some images of ice caps melting to sway an audience.

Such a study was made public this Monday, using data collected by NASA. According to the study this past month of August has set a new record for global temperatures.

Record-keeping of temperatures began in the 1880s. This August has been the hottest in recorded history.

Data is compiled for the average temperature for August using archives from 1951 to 1980. This year’s August was 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit (or 0.98 degrees Celsius) hotter than the average. So that’s almost one degree Celsius up from the average.

The second-hottest august recorded was in 2014. The temperature for this August was 0.29 degrees Fahrenheit (or 0.16 degrees Celsius) higher than that one.

Furthermore, August 2016 and July 2016 are tied for the place of the warmest month on record when it comes to global temperatures.

NASA says that there have been 11 consecutive months in which monthly the average temperature surpassed current records.


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