How Good Are You at Waste Disposal? NASA Asks

How Good Are You at Waste Disposal? NASA Asks

If you’re the kind of person who could build a tractor from an old car engine and a toothbrush, then NASA is looking for you. The Space Agency just launched a new challenge on HeroX, announcing that it is willing to give $30,000 to the person who comes up with a better solution for the space suit waste disposal system.

At the moment, the ISS uses all sorts of devices to get rid of fecal matter and other human waste products. From vacuums to bags, to hoses, and fans, the whole thing is complicated, noisy, and outdated. What’s even worse is that NASA is intensely preparing for a mission to the Red Planet, but astronauts are still wearing diapers when they climb into their spacesuits.

In order to bring the suits in the 21st century, the Space Agency launched the Space Poop Challenge. All individuals with innovation in their heart can submit their projects until December 20th on the crowdfunding platform and wait for NASA’s response.

Here Is All You Need to Know About NASA’s Project Requirements

The proposed system must function autonomously.

Astronauts need to have their hands free to work, so they can’t be bothered by a manual operating system.

It must keep filth away from the astronaut’s body.

NASA is looking for a waste disposal system that will keep all kinds of bodily fluids from urine, menstrual fluid, and excrements away from their source.

Moreover, the system must provide comfort for the wearer. NASA stated that the ideal waste disposal contraption would make the astronauts feel comfortable physically and emotionally.

It must take under five minutes to be implemented.

In the case of an emergency, astronauts must be able to climb into their suits as fast as possible, their life depending on it.

Space suits are usually utilized for outside reparations, spacewalks, or even indoor use in the case of a malfunction in the life support system. NASA wants astronauts to be able to gear up fast as the suit might someday be their only salvation in the case of a disaster.

The Suit’s Integrity Must Not Be Compromised

Space Poop Challenge participants must find a way to get rid of the human waste products without compromising the suit’s integrity as any leakage could endanger the life of the astronaut.

For additional information, you can check out HeroX.

Do you think you can come up with a waste disposal system that will meet all the Space Agency’s standards? If so, good luck!

Image source: Vimeo