Inside Mama June’s Amazing Weight Loss Transformation

Inside Mama June’s Amazing Weight Loss Transformation

Five days ago, Mama June came out of hiding and amazed everybody with her new slim figure. She reportedly had to stay seven weeks inside a safe house in order to avoid spoiling her new appearance to the fans. Ever since she revealed her new figure on “Mama June: From Not to Hot”, people around the world have been wondering how she managed to lose so much weight. So, on Tuesday, the 37-year old mother of four offered some details about what she has been doing.

Mama June’s transformation

Mama June admitted that her two daughters, Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson and Lauryn “Pumpkin” Shannon helped her a great deal while going through this incredible transformation. She shares Alana and Lauryn with his ex-husband, whom everybody knows as Sugar Bear. She reportedly felt estranged while away in that safe house. When she came back and finally slept in her own bed, everything finally felt right. Mama June also talked about the disguises she sometimes had to put on in order for the fans to not recognize her. It is interesting that she thought the disguises actually attracted more attention to her.

As for starting a brand new life, Mama June admitted that she cannot wait to buy some new, smaller clothes. The first thing she reportedly wants to buy is a nice pair of fitting jeans. Her daughters were also shocked of how much weight their mother lost during her transformation. They maybe did not expect their mother to look so different and thin afterwards.

Starting a new life

Mama June revealed that while she was in New York, nobody recognized her, even if they passed by her on the street. She said that only three people out of thousands noticed her while she was in Times Square. However, the reality star said that she still feels like her old self on the inside, even if the outside is so different now. She now has more energy, feels very good and promises to try and keep the weight off.

Even if she had surgeries to lost weight, she still needs to exercise and keep a healthy lifestyle. Otherwise, it was all in vain. It will be difficult, but if we want something so bad, we have to make sacrifices. And Mama June learned this the hard way.

Image source: extratv