ISIS Fighter Reveals Group’s Plan To Continue Their Spread Despite Defeat In Iraq And Syria

ISIS Fighter Reveals Group’s Plan To Continue Their Spread Despite Defeat In Iraq And Syria

If one thing can be said to describe ISIS’ efforts, it is that they don’t give up.

Recently it has been reported that an ISIS fighter revealed the group’s military plans to continue to spread, despite their defeats in Syria and Iraq this year. They also claim that they are colluding with Turkey and plan to continue their strike on the world, says The Independent.

According to the ISIS fighter, the group will continue to flourish and start using sleeper agents they have strategically placed.

What Was Revealed In His Interview

In an exclusive interview, Faraj, a 30-year old ISIS fighter stated that the group would be expanding, not dwindling like analysts think.

This veteran fighter goes on to say that the group plans to rebuild their strengths in weakening regions, such as Saudi Arabia and Egypt. They have sleeper agents around the world and the numbers of those sleepers continue to grow, says the same post by The Independent.

Faraj is no mere fighting force. He is a well-educated ISIS member that even graduated from the Faculty of Education at Hasaka University. It was in 2012 that he joined forces with Jabhat al-Nusra. Jabhat al-Nusra is a Syrian branch of al-Qaeda, which was later rebranded as Jabhat Fatah al-Sham.

Faraj didn’t join until ISIS fighters had entered his home village of Sunni Arab, according to, and was given a choice to leave or join. Faraj decided to join ISIS.

During his interview, Faraj states that he saw critical developments within the terrorist group, especially in cultivating relationships with Turkey. While Faraj is no longer with ISIS (for reasons unknown), he did make it clear to CounterPunch that he was an ISIS supporter.

What was most interesting were his accounts of the collusion between ISIS and Turkey. Foreign fighters that have already flooded Syria to fight for ISIS are coming from Turkey.

The interview was conducted through the WhatsApp just outside Syria. Faraj stated that the despite the devastating blows ISIS took in Syria and Iraq, they had no intention of falling apart.

Instead, they had every intention of rebuilding and re-strengthening. He also revealed that ISIS leaders were taking measures to set up in other areas of the world, says the Independent.

Turkey Is An Ally Against ISIS

Turkey’s military began intervention in Syria in August. However, Faraj states that there was a development between Turkish forces and ISIS at this very time. ISIS was aware each time Turkish military tanks were entering the region, and ISIS was instructed, according to The Fourth Revolutionary War, not to resist them.

ISIS Papers Reveal How ISIS Plans To Build The Own Government

The Guardian exposed a piece on ISIS blueprints in 2015 that lay out their plans for building their state, including creating a regional government, economy and employing a civil service.

These plans specifically mention Iraq and Syria, complete with governments, a treasury department, and a self-sufficient economic plan. The manual was written last year, before ISIS’ defeats in Syria and Iraq.

However, the papers do show the aspirations of this dangerous terrorist group — and also goes to show that they are not haphazard in their operations. Instead, they are calculating, refined, and extremely well-educated.

These documents combined with Faraj’s accounts may further establish that ISIS isn’t falling like the rest of the world thinks; instead, they may have plans to continue growth and eventually enter new territories the world never saw coming.