Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu Meets Trump and Clinton

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu Meets Trump and Clinton

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was in New York for the General Assembly of the United Nations. He accomplished all of his diplomatic tasks for the visit. At the UN, he gave a speech that made it look like Israel was open to talking with the State of Palestine. He invited the Palestinian leader, Mahmoud Abbas to the Knesset, Israel’s parliament, to give a speech.

However, Netanyahu’s speech didn’t show Israel ready to give in on any of the points that stand between the two states. The position of Israel remained firm and along the lines that it has always been.

The Israeli Prime Minister Meets Trump

While in New York, the Israeli Prime Minister also took the opportunity to further advance Israel’s agenda. With elections this year in America, who the next president is going to be is relevant to US – Israel relations. One of the candidates is a former Secretary of State that Israel knows very well. Clinton’s position on Israel has been well-known and she has taken numerous pledges throughout the campaign.  The other candidate is a New York businessman with almost no international affairs experience. Trump hasn’t really put forward any ideas for how to move forward regarding the Middle East.

Benjamin Netanyahu met with both presidential candidates this Sunday. Perhaps not wanting to take any chances. Also, maybe wanting to see for himself what this presidential campaign and election is going to mean for his home country of Israel. It is important to know, even in advance, if possible, how the two candidates feel about Israel and the situation in the Middle East.

The Israeli Prime Minister met with Donald Trump for a 90 minute talk on Sunday Morning at Trump Tower. Also present at the meeting were Jared Kushner, Donald Trump’s son-in-law and Israel’s ambassador to the US, Ron Dermer.

The Trump campaign provided some information about what went on during the talk. According to the Trump side, the Republican candidate and the Israeli Prime Minister talked about military assistance, regional stability and security. The two also discussed “at length” the security fence that Israel has used to secure its borders. The press release from the Trump campaign called it “a successful experience”.

Donald J. Trump and Netanyahu talked about other issues as well, such as Israel’s biotech economy. The two also talked about Israel’s advances in cyber-defense.

The Meeting with Hillary Clinton

Netanyahu met with Clinton on Sunday evening at the W Hotel located in Union Square, New York. The meeting took place after his meeting with Trump.

The two talked about the Memorandum of Understanding that the two countries recently signed. It is a memorandum regarding defense where the United States make a commitment to “strengthen the defense and intelligence relationship and work closely with Israel to ensure Israel’s Qualitative Military Edge”. Hillary Clinton took the opportunity to stress her commitment to work against attempts at delegitimizing Israel.

The Democratic candidate and the Israeli Prime Minister also talked about the Iran nuclear deal. Another item on the agenda was the ongoing conflict in Syria, that is very close to Israel. Hillary Clinton talked about the peace process between Israel and Palestine. She affirmed once more her commitment to finding a solution to move forward.


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