Mark Zuckerberg Reveals His Surprising New Year’s Resolution

Mark ZuckerbergMark Zuckerberg has revealed his surprising New Year’s resolution, and apparently, his daring plan involves taking a page from Iron Man’s book.

On Sunday, December 3, Facebook’s CEO and co-founder, published a post on the popular social networking website, in which he talked about his objectives for 2016.

The text, which has already garnered more than 28,000 comments, 17,000 shares and over 351,000 likes, discusses Zuckerberg’s intention to resemble Tony Stark, but not when it comes to superhuman strength and other special powers and abilities.

Instead, the focus will be on Tony Stark’s personal assistant J.A.R.V.I.S. (Just a Rather Very Intelligent System), a computerized AI sidekick introduced in the Iron Man feature films, which was inspired by a real human butler appearing in the original comic book series.

Facebook’s creator wants not just to promote or finance such a project, but to actually be the one to spearhead it, by reverting back to his engineering past after spending the last few years occupying a managerial position instead.

As he explains, there is no satisfaction when simply reaping the fruit of someone else’s work; the real joy is to build artificially intelligence  from scratch, by oneself.

While the digital assistant will rely on progress that has already been achieved in this emerging field, Zuckerberg plans to personalize the system in order to turn his abode into a smart home.

In the end, it is hoped that the final product will surpass Amazon’s Echo in terms of complexity, usefulness and responsiveness.

That voice command device, still in its embryonic stages, has been broadly released in June 2015, allows users to stream music, to receive important news updates or to keep track of events and to-do lists, just by issuing verbal commands and requests.

Zuckerberg’s system will also include speech-recognition software, but the Internet entrepreneur has declared that he will make sure that his own voice is the only one that application is able to understand and accept commands from, by developing all the algorithms himself.

This will reduce the risk of someone hacking into the system, and hijacking the entire program, compromising the young billionaire’s security and privacy.

Once the project is complete, the virtual assistant will be able to coordinate and integrate all the functions related to security, surveillance and remote-controlled devices, acting even as a baby monitor for Max, the Zuckerbergs’ newest family member.

By employing facial recognition, the system will be able to distinguish between actual guests, and unwelcome visitors or robbers. It will also be able to adjust lighting or temperature, and even change background music, so as to set the mood for different occasions or events.

The CEO, who has managed to amass a fortune amounting to $13 billion, stated that while he will continue to channel his energies into Facebook’s ever-expanding family of services and features, developing another Jarvis will be his own “personal challenge”.

Nonetheless, as Zuckerberg explains, insight obtained during this quest might also allow him to lead his team more successfully, while coming up with innovative solutions for Facebook’s still booming customer base.

The entrepreneur’s former New Year’s resolutions have been to read two books per month (in 2015), to make a new acquaintance on a daily basis (back in 2013), and to learn the Mandarin language (a plan which he turned into reality, as evidenced by his 20-minute speech, held at Tsinghua University).

Image Source: Flickr