For A While, McDonald’s Soft Drinks Will Cost $1

soft drinks and fries

At least for a while, customers will be able to buy soft drinks from McDonald’s for just $1.

At least for a period of time, customers will be able to buy soft drinks from McDonald’s for just $1. And this will apply to any cup size. The offer will start being rolled out in April. And it will also include other offers.

Over these past few weeks, McDonald’s released quite a series of announcements. Through them, it presented its new STRAW, well, straw. And also its St. Patrick’s targeting new shakes. And earlier this week, the fast food chain revealed its latest plan.

The company will be introducing a new soft drinks offer. Through it, customers will be able to buy any soda at just $1. And this will not only target the soda type. It will also include the cup size. As such, no matter the chosen variant, the clients will still pay just $1 for their soda.

McDonald’s will also be coming with an offer for some other products as well. As such, the McCafe drinks or, more exactly, the frappes will also see a price change. They will be sold at $2. A number of other products will also be sold at a $2 price tag. These will include small smoothies and shakes.

But users will most likely benefit from the soft drinks for a buck offer. This program will start being rolled out at the beginning of April. But it will only be available for a limited time. Presently, the company has yet to announce its duration.

Nonetheless, McDonald’s did offer some details on its soft drinks campaign. The fast food chain released a statement. And in it, announced as follows. This latest price reduction is part of a larger program. It represents just “the latest efforts in raising the bar”.

The company is reportedly looking to improve the customer experience. And also to reinvigorate their excitement towards the McDonald’s soft drinks. Or the company sold beverages, in general.

This latest offer is reportedly just a part of an “ongoing commitment”. It is McDonald’s way of improving itself. They are trying to do so by expanding and adapting their products. And by reportedly listening to their customers. These are said to be looking for a great taste and high value and quality. And also for more flexibility and choice.

McDonald’s soft drinks offer may also help it boost sales, according to analysts. These state that the newest offer may lead to a profits increase. The company is not at its first such campaign. Similarly, it started selling its initially limited breakfast items.

Before, these were sold solely in the morning. Now, they can be bought all throughout the day. Just recently, McDonald’s also released a new version of its icon Big Mac. A smaller, jumbo-sized variant.

The newest soft drinks discount seems to follow the same trend. Most market analysts agree that this $1 price will benefit both customers and the company itself. It may help it attract new clients.

And who wouldn’t enjoy paying just $1 for their favorite soft drinks, no matter the size? Set to start in April, it remains to be seen how long the offer will last. And also if it will have a high impact on the company sales and clients numbers.

Image Source: Wikimedia