When Will the Media Understand Trump? Probably Never

When Will the Media Understand Trump? Probably Never

President Donald Trump and the MediaThe media continually attacks President Donald Trump, hoping to gain the attention of those opposed to the real estate mogul serving in office.

However, it is clear that the media does not understand him, and it probably never will.

Trump, believe it or not, is not unprecedented, says Politico. He is also never going to change, so the media should learn to stop asking. Furthermore, the media coverage neglects the biggest item: who Trump is and always has been.

People Knew How Trump Operated Long Before Running

Long before Trump aspired to run for office, he was on television, in interviews, and well-known in the public eye. People knew who Trump was, how he acted, and what he did to become so successful.

So, why is the media so surprised when Trump acts like, well, Trump?

More importantly, Trump will not change. Some had the idea that Trump would become a conventional political figure once in office, but in reality, Trump is a business man and always will be.

Can Anyone Blame Him for Regretting His Success?

Now that Trump is in office, he sees the issues ahead of him and the roadblocks that prevent him from tackling them.

Lately, Trump has discussed his life before after becoming president, and how surprised he is at the difficulty of his job in the White House, reports BBC.

Who could blame the new president? After all, he has attempted multiple times to make good on campaign promises, only for his opposition to strike him down. Trump’s comments on being president have been continually mocked, and many are surprised at his reflection on a past life.

The reality is, Trump knew little about what it meant to be President of the United States. After all, he has never served in office, and he made it clear to the American people he was not a politician. He’s not the first president to feel this way. Naturally, most leaders share these feelings somewhere in the second term — instead of the first 99 days.

CNN speculates that Trump never intended to win the presidency. If he did think he would win, CNN points out how Trump told his crowd that being president would be comfortable and that he could solve the problems of the United States the moment he got into office.

Reality Strikes Trump Down, But Not for Good

While Trump might have a few hurdles to accomplish his goals, the media tends to forget who this man is and how he became a notorious businessman.

Trump is a skilled negotiator, and he knows how to get what he wants. While his first 100 days in office might not have produced much, Trump has accomplished much more than the media gives him credit for.

While Trump does a few things that other presidents have not, such as Twitter rants, there are positives to his behavior. In fact, Trump’s tweets are important and should be followed by the American people. It highlights the reality of the political lifestyle and shows the public as well as the press how Trump is working toward progress.