Mexican Politician Attempts to Prove Trump’s Wall is Absurd

Trump's Wall to separate the US and MexicoOne politician in Mexico has made a stand against the idea of building a border wall. A congressman by the name of Braulio Guerra, coming from the state of Queretaro, climbed the structure on the border and then created a video for President Trump.

In this video performance, he stands there telling the world that the idea of Trump’s wall is unnecessary and absurd.

Scaling the Wall to Prove a Point

Guerra climbed the 30-foot wall and then tweeted photos and took a video showing how quickly it was climbed. The fence he overtook was one that sat on the border of the United States and Tijuana. Sitting atop the wall, he pointed out how easy it was to climb and how easy it was to enter the United States. Therefore, Guerra argued, the purpose of Trump’s wall is entirely unnecessary.

He also added how easy it was to show President Trump that the wall he proposes will never keep people out of the United States.

In a few other Tweeted photos, people were climbing the wall while Guerra was there to make his video. These individuals, however, were climbing with the intention of entering the United States illegally.

Guerra climbed one of the tallest points of the wall, and said the distance was not difficult at all. In fact, he stated younger individuals could climb that wall with ease (and do).

How Did He Really Get to the Top?

Some skeptics feel that while proving a point, Guerra did not show in the video how he supposedly scaled the 30-foot structure. In fact, they suspect that he was helped up to the top of the fence, then the filming commenced once he was perched atop the wall. There are even those who responded in Spanish on Twitter, telling the congressman that he was too fat to climb the structure properly.

What is more comical about the tape is the fact that the wall ended on the beach just a few feet away. A person could easily walk around the structure in the ocean and get into the United States without having to climb the wall at all.

Trump Working on the Wall

Trump’s team has already started working on putting an old stretch of fence along the wall. That said, Trump’s promise of a high wall that will span a 2,000-mile border has not officially commenced.

The agency said that they are accepting bids starting March 6, 2017. From there, companies must submit their concept ideas to design and create prototypes for the president to review.

On March 20th, Trump will narrow down the candidates, and the selected offers will be picked on March 24th.

The cabinet claims that they are well ahead of schedule on this project, and they promise the American people that a wall will be constructed very soon.