Millenials Are Not That Sex Crazed

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An important sex survey brings a media myth into question – Millennials are not that sex crazed.

An important sex survey brings a media myth into question – Millennials are not that sex crazed. They’re not as sexually active as past generations even.

Popular media has long been portraying adults born in the 1990s as “the hookup generation”, changing partners like socks and so on.

It turns out the “hook up generation” is a media myth. According to a recent research published in the Archives of Sexual behavior, millennials born in the nineties were more likely to have not that many sexual partners or even no sex partners. Compared to generation x (the kids of the sixties and seventies), the newer millennials seem to be significantly more inclined to have no sex partners. The only generation similar to millennials regarding sexual inactivity was the one born in the 1920s.

The team of experts used the Generation Social Survey to look at how much sex every generation had when they were young. They found that fifteen percent of millennials answered they don’t have any sexual partners. That’s three times the number of baby boomers who were not having sex.

This data is correlated with data from the Center for disease control.
Despite an increased acceptance about gay sex and sex before marriage, today’s young people and teens are putting off sex altogether.

There are a number of reasons for these youngsters getting less action. One would be that some of the today’s Millenials may still live with their parents, and this could mean sex is not a priority. Another explanation is the trouble millennials have with entering adult life and getting a job.

Other reasons for this peculiar situation include sex education on the spread of sexually transmitted diseases like HIV, enhanced access to pornography and differences in what is considered sex or not ( oral sex for example).

These findings were also coupled with the rise of individualism.

If you’re feeling like the only one who is chilling out all day by themselves on Friday night, don’t worry – that’s what most of your generation is doing.

Apparently, the tinder generation would rather talk about sex rather than have it.

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