New Samsung Treats at CES 2016

"Samsung devices at CES 2016"

Samsung shifts its attention from entertainment devices to smart wearables in 2016.

Judging by the recent announcements that the smartphone developer has made, it is possible now to identify the new Samsung treats at CES 2016. The company puts the emphasis on health care and fitness wearables that can be used independently or in correlation with other smart devices.

The 2016 edition of CES, which is due to take place at the beginning of the year in Las Vegas will see the presentation of many futuristic devices. It is unclear yet whether these products will actually be introduced to customers in 2016, but their presentation will be a delight, nonetheless.

Samsung has already hinted to three of its main projects for 2016. As previously stated, the company will continue to invest in wearable devices as the field still has a lot to offer. Unlike most developers, which are currently focusing on smartwatches and fitness bands for hands, Samsung thinks other accessories could be ‘smartified’, as well.

The “WELT” as Samsung has named it, is the first belt that will monitor the wearer’s health condition. The belt is supposed to function just like the fitness tracker band only it will be placed around a person’s waistline instead of the hand wrist.

Wearers will easily keep track of their waist size, their caloric intakes and outtakes as well as the physical efforts they make on a daily basis. To be more specific, the WELT can monitor how much time a person sits down or how many steps they take in one day. A series of personalized apps will accompany Samsung’s new health belt, so wearers will have many ways to customize it.

Remote controlling accessories could be greatly improved in 2016 once Samsung will attribute more attention to this technology. The developer is expected to introduce a new hand motion controller at CES 2016 giving users the possibility to control devices with a simple hand gesture. The technology could then be used for game consoles, but also for TV sets.

Samsung is turning their attention away from smartphones in 2016. The company has TipTalk in plan: a hand wrist band that enables users to answer phone calls by simply talking to their watch bands. The wearable will come with text-to-speech functions and it will have the same audio quality event in very loud places, the company has stated.

To sum up, CES 2016 will introduce us to a new year of futuristic wearables. There will be a gradual shift from entertainment devices to healthcare accessories as developers appear to be more interested in the latter.

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